Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Etsy Site + Giveaway!

I'm just really excited for all of this right now. I am finally sort of starting over with Monogram Meredith (the shirts).

My blog is called Monogram Meredith because I named it that when I started selling monogrammed shirts (thank goodness for alliteration), so shouldn't I be living up to my name?? The past couple of months have been a little bit of a funk of not staying on top of my blog schedule or marketing my shirts any. I really love monograms and really love you guys and really love wearing monograms and really love making people love monograms, so it all kind of falls into place. I have a lot of love for Monogram Meredith shirts because they're made with love (call me cheesy, I dare you). 

Regardless, I'M COMIN BACK ATCHA LIVE. Now that it's summer and I have more time (*sentimental blog posts coming soon*), I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. I've revamped my Etsy shop and added new products. Here's the lowdown: I was WAY too excited to wait, so if you notice on my shop, you'll see white images for some of the products. Don't panic, y'all, YOU CAN STILL ORDER these products. There just aren't any images at the moment for them, but there will be soon! And do you like all the options for the products? I'm way too hyped about this. Obviously, you can see them on my shop, but here's what's there:

Normal monogrammed shirt: your typical shirts, the circle pattern with the circle monogram. Available as a short sleeve, long sleeve, crew neck sweatshirt, or tank top.

Monogrammed pocket tee/frocket: instead of circle pattern, it's a designed pocket, featuring a circle monogram. Available as a short sleeve, long sleeve, or tank top.

Customized pocket tee: See a fabric you like and don't want a monogram? Fine by me! It's just a t-shirt with a pocket, and I'm happy to make it for you! Available as a short sleeve, long sleeve, or tank top.

Swim coverup: OH YES. Swim coverups can now be monogrammed.

Click on the photo or here.

I also have a few more things in store, but again, I am way too pumped to not be sharing it all right now. (*Hands over eyes monkey emoji*)

OH, and in case that wasn't exciting enough for you, I have something big for y'all. A GIVEAWAY!

Once I sell 15 shirts, I'm giving away a Lobstah Roll Lilly Market Bag, Sailboat Cup w/ Straw, and an adorable crossbody purse.

Yeah, you can so win all of this. How can you win? Order a shirt today! If you order a shirt today, you'll be awarded more entries for the giveaway... once I sell 15 shirts. Tweet, Facebook, and Instagram about the site/shop (and tag me!) and see yourself getting more entries to win the goodies!

Keep up with the progress of the day via social media:

Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts or anything! 


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