Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm the non-soccer oddball of my family

My family is most definitely a soccer family. I'm the oddball because I'm the only one out of the four kids that doesn't play soccer (though I do have recent experience in a pretty incredible indoor soccer team....thank you, Goaldiggers), but soccer is still insane in the Scroggin household. So take that normal excitement and multiply it by 100 to get the excitement of the World Cup that's going on right now. Then take that and multiply it by 100 again because we'll leaving for London a week from today and everyone knows them British love soccer more than us. AHHHH! So much soccer, so much world travel, so much excitement. 

I'll admit that I don't know as much about soccer as my siblings do, but I do know that we have a cute soccer mug where I can be all festive. I celebrate life through my coffee mugs. Especially when I can enjoy as much coffee as I want in the summer and it not feel like my life is depending on the caffeine coursing through my veins

I'm also really excited about my nails. I now worship top coat, but that's for another post.

Also, I haven't sold my quota of shirts yet before I can give away all this stuff! GUYS, it's literally over a $40 value and I picked out all of this stuff because I love all of it so much and want it for myself. I have two Lilly market totes that I use probably more than I should, my crossbody purse (which I feel like is in almost every post) is glued to my body, and the big sailboat tumbler is just like my Kate Spade one (which I'm drinking out of right now). I don't know if you caught the memo from yesterday's post, but I now sell monogrammed swim coverups! This is Kirby's (yeah, no, I didn't change my monogram), but I wish it were mine. I swear, I live in my coverup or tank top in the summer. I'm not saying this because I'm selling them...I legit wear my monogrammed tank all the time because it's perfect over a bathing suit or just with norts. 

Have any questions about anything Monogram Meredith related at all? Email me at, I love hearing from y'all!


PS: The sooner you order your shirt, the sooner I give away all this stuff and the sooner I can make a comeback on social media. Help a sista out and get some cool stuff along with it. :)

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