Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Prom Part II

AND I WENT TO PROM AGAIN and had an absolute blast! I was lucky enough to get another dress (score at Macy's) and so here's my photo overload (I love you, blogging).

the sunglasses were a part of the outfit, no?

We were lucky enough to get photos at Boone Tavern with Gammon's sister and her boyfriend!

Jack Rogers-- the best dancing shoe

If you didn't take mirror pics in a fancy mirror, did you even go anywhere fancy?

They kept asking me, "What kind of faces would Monogram Meredith make?"...

My sweet and wonderful mother/photographer of all these pictures.

Very typical

Neither of us knew what to do for this pose...

And my other photographer/best friend/sister

An 'M' for Monogram Meredith?

Alright, I'm mostly including this photo because I thought my hair looked cool: my mom did it completely herself! We hot rolled it and then braided it... perhaps a blog post coming completely about that!

We're really big fans of selfies.

And on the way to Lexington for dinner with sweet Sadie! We ate at Malone's and had a great time there.

This was the outside of prom (excuse my poor iPhone quality) and it was actually so legit. It was an old factory, called Churchill Weavers, that they had completely redone the inside of and made look phenomenal for the New York theme.

They had this cool red carpet thing where they had everyone come down and take pictures and answer questions.

Shoutout to this unknown fellow who let us take our picture with him.

This was really insanely cool too-- as scared as I was that they were all going to get stuck on the power lines and burn the whole place down, it was amazing for everyone to get these paper lanterns and write their wishes on them and let them float away in the sky.

We went to prom breakfast after that and then a friend's house, then the next morning, stayed on Gammon's farm, which apparently was a very "bloggable" day.

APPARENTLY I am a "city slicker" for having a fear that cows were going to attack me. When he asked me if I was scared of cows, I said no, but didn't realize how close we were going to be to them in their RTV (which, by the way, is this, because I sure as heck didn't know what it was until he told me). It's hilarious how even though we both live in Kentucky, I've lived in Lexington and he's lived in Berea our whole lives and though they're close, they can be so doggone different!

Absolutely beautiful day out!

And of course I took lots of unnecessary selfies. 

All in all, it was an incredibly fun weekend!!


PS: Funny story- I got a spray tan (wasn't going to try the whole 'let's get tan real fast in the sun' thing like I tried over spring break) and the lady kept commenting on my awkward tan lines (she called them "tiger stripes") that you can see in the above photo. OH WHALE.


  1. Oh. My. Gracious. Your dress is fabulous, and you look beautiful!! Looks like loads of fun..

    1. Cathleen, your comments always make my day!! Thanks so much, we had lots of fun!!

      xoxo, Meredith

  2. you should make the picture of you holding the "m" into a button! it would be adorable!

    1. Ahhh, this is such a perfect idea and I'm going to have to do that, thank you!!!!


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