Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Haircuts shouldn't be this dramatic

Okay, guys, I'm getting my hair cut today. Nothing dramatic, but enough to make me squirm a little. I hate haircuts. Does any girl like having their hair cut? Okay, maybe a few out there that love change and exciting things, but c'mon, I do not like the feeling of having something I've worked so hard to grow (because it is a lot of work, right???!) just gone. I'm only really having it trimmed because it's incredibly unhealthy and basically my whole head is a split end. Ya feel me on that?! One time I joked that my whole life is fairly symbolic of a split end.... if you think about it, we're all kind of frayed at the ends, still trying to hold onto one main root. But whatever, that metaphor doesn't really make any sense and I'm getting too into one little life nuisance that (most) every girl goes through and I think the end of the year has me feeling like everything is a metaphor.

But yes, all of my hairs are split and dead and it's actually kind of embarrassing, but I kept putting off this hair cut until after seniors and then after both proms.... and today's the day. Who knows how many inches will come off?! Who knows if I'll post a picture-- because everyone knows that it's a valid excuse, right?! (Just kidding, I probably won't post a picture. I'm already being dramatic over a trim, writing a blog post and all.)

Yesterday when I told my friend I was having it trimmed, she told me that she cries every time she gets her hair cuts. We are both 18 years old. We are legal adults, but still get so worked up over someone taking over our little ounce of power that we have with our hair.

Maybe that's the excuse-- the vulnerability of usually having complete control over our hair that we can't do anything about when some hairdresser takes some of it off. And oh yeah, guys, this is a new hairdresser: let the nerves set in.

Why do we girls get so worked up over getting our hair cut?! Or am I just making a bigger deal out of it than it really is to most girls? Probably just getting worked up over it.


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