Thursday, April 3, 2014


I really do have to apologize for neglecting of my blog, but I have to say that the past week and a half or so has been the most eventful week ever. I mean, so many things happened, but I am blogging this from Florida on Spring Break, so I'm really not complaining.

Sunday, UK beat Wichita State, which was a huge upset, and I don't think I've ever seen my dad more excited about a game in his whole life. Maybe this sums it up?


Tuesday, I made some dope cookies and asked Gammon to my prom and we're offish and also saw Divergent, all of which was insanely exciting:

He's one of the weirdest and coolest people I know, and we've gotten into this bad habit of using dumb slang words too frequently. Whatevs, it's nbd.

Wednesday was the day that was crazy anticipated for myself and many, many other seniors all across the world, because last week was the week before April 1st. I heard back from 8 schools within 36 hours and it might have been the most exhausting 36 hours of my life, I'm not kidding one bit. To know that everything I poured all of my high school years into and so many nights of studying and essay writing and revolving my whole life around getting into college is now over is a little bit emotional. I mean, my future was altered within those couple of days of hearing back from colleges. I cannot wait to share my thoughts on the college admissions process and tips from myself and lots of other friends that went through it because senior year and applying to colleges is so big and really can screw with your head. I'm excited to announce where I'll go to school, but I still have a little bit of time before I'm doing that!

So all of those decisions came out Wednesday night, Thursday (the dreaded Ivy day), and Friday, but Friday, I was leaving for spring break. Seriously, the beach couldn't come at a better time. 

Guys, this may or not be the lightest I've ever packed for a trip. Forever known as the overpacker, I tried so hard to not go overboard. I had a duffel bag with all of my clothes, my Lilly bag with toiletries, my backpack with random things, and my purse with even more random things.

And these are my Day 1 girls, not gonna lie. Since sophomore year and being on spring breaks together, we planned on going on a fun senior year trip and IT'S FINALLY HERE. We're here with a couple from our church (and their adorable baby) and having a blast. But really, Kirby and Caroline are my Day 1s.


Anyway, we drove down to Atlanta Friday night and spent the night there. The next morning, we went to the Georgia Aquarium!

I took lots of selfies with aquatic animals, but this is funny because there are these little tubes you can go into so that you can stick your head up into the penguin exhibit (...and everyone can see you), but I had zero idea that there was a roof or that it would be so short, so I may or may not have a couple of bruises from getting too excited about it.

Sunday, we got up and drove to Florida! It's so warm that it feels unreal. After months of bitter cold, it's nice to have warmth. So nice, in fact, that we laid on the driveway five minutes after getting there.

But no worries, we did actually go to the beach that night.

And for now, I'll stop with the pictures, but I can't wait to share the rest of them!

I wish I had done a couple of pre-spring break posts, but hey, nobody's perfect and I'm here now!


PS: Wear sunscreen and wear lots of it. Sun poisoning is not fun at all. 


  1. That sounds like a blast! I can't wait to have a weekend where I can go to the beach...stupid work :(

  2. so SO glad you're back and having lots of fun! You make me miss the last days of my senior year that I let go by way too fast!

    xo, Sarah |

  3. I was really rooting for the Cats :( Love your blog!


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