Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Village People? (And outlet shopping)

And.... my last spring break post. I have a blue million things to blog about once they're all official, but I'll just say that I'm happy that senior year is winding down and I can get excited about all of the fun end of the year events.

While still in Florida, we drove over to visit the Villages, which if you don't know much about it, it's literally my new favorite place. A city for people of a little bit older age, it's beautiful and the perfect kind of place to live when you're older.

I was still really sick and killin' it in yoga pants, so of course I had Kirby as my outfit inspiration.

The next day, we went to an outlet mall in Woodstock, Georgia, and they were FABULOUS.

Hey Kate Spade, ily.

(And of course, we had lots of fun with Baby Mia.)

And we ended the trip with a beautiful sunset.

Guys, I really do have a lot of things to blog about and tell you, so give me a little patience and I promise it'll all be worth it!


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