Monday, April 21, 2014

Senior Traditions

I really want to blog about a million things, because if you've been keeping up on social media, this was the BEST WEEKEND EVER. I am overwhelmed by all of the love I have from the people in my life and even though I want to write about all of it right now, I'm just going to talk about Friday, which was Senior Skip Day, when we all went to Keeneland!

It was a really weird day being with everyone from my grade and it (mostly) just being seniors without a care in the world. It was an absolutely beautiful day and just so great!

(Of course, these pictures are in my backyard, after I got home)

I loved this dress! I hadn't worn it except for a party in October and it was perfect for Keeneland because it was incredibly comfortable and cool. The sleeves were really unique, too, which made it feel even better. It's Guess (oh, wait, a white Guess dress? Sounds familiar, read tomorrow...) but I bought it from TJ Maxx! #somom. 

And then I wore my Jack Rogers because I was not going to put up with walking in heels all around Keeneland.

My favorite J. Crew knockoff necklace that always makes outfits look a little more pulled together.

I am so thankful for a sweet brother who, when we're taking blog pictures and I'm looking at them, will say "No wait, don't step back, just smile and stay right there" and get shots like this. 

Of course then I filmed a Vine for him. It's our tradeoff and it works pretty well.

(heyyyyy, I'm not talking about prom just yet, but this was our prom king! Yay Jimmy!)

If you didn't snapchat story it or use the horse racing emojis, is it real?

All in all, it was a crazy fun day and I was really tired Friday night, but it was so great being with so many friends that day.

I had to go to bed at a good time Friday getting some 'beauty' sleep for Saturday..... post tomorrow!

What are/were some of your school's senior traditions? I love hearing about everyone's!


PS: Other than my friends and family, the blog love this weekend has been amazing. Thank you for the sweet words on all Instagram and Tumblr pictures and tweets and everything!! Much love for y'all.


  1. At our school the seniors camp out the night before their last day of school (which is in April because they have exams in May) and then in the morning they spray/dump everyone with water and trash the inside of the school :) I'm so excited for my 'Senior Prank Day' next year :)

    By the way I actually lived in Lexington three years ago before moving to Germany so reading your blog always makes me nostalgic and reminds me of home :)

    1. Oh my goodness that sounds like so much fun! Wow, I wish we had a cool prank like that, you should be excited!

      And that's so cool that you live in Germany now! Lexington is such a great place and I'm happy you could be here, even if it weren't that long :)

      xoxo, Meredith


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