Monday, April 28, 2014

...I'm going to college!

I have a few rules when it comes to blogging. Two things that I always shy away from are boys and college. I'm not really a relationship blogger and I like leaving those things to funnier girls that (anonymously) blog their hearts and relationships away, and I like having a few things more to myself. And COME ON, not everyone wants to read that kind of stuff from someone like me. The second one, college, has been what I've avoided because it was tacky to write about schools when I was promoting my writing and blogging on applications, and also because it's bad to talk about schools when I had no clue where I was going, and because I really didn't know what was going to happen with where I'm going to school. 

But, guys, the college admissions process is over.

After four years of working my butt off in high school in the hopes of going to college, months of applying to colleges, months of thinking about college every waking moment and waiting on decisions, a few days straight of hearing several rejections, several crying sessions, I officially know where I'm going to school.

I have gotten countless messages about my college decision and it killed me because I have so much to say about my tips on the college admissions process, but the fact that it's all over is completely relieving and refreshing and emotional. So what I'm emotional about this whole thing? Sue me. I poured my life into this for a long time and now that I can see my future, I feel a little lost and scared and nervous, but incredibly excited to see what this school will bring me.

And I'll be writing about this later, but this year really did stress me out a lot. I can't explain how many things I've learned about myself and learning and applying yourself and what I really value were brought up and it's weird to think that suddenly, it's all over.

I just want to say that this decision came about from many things. I truly, truly believe that this decision is for the absolute best. I would not have made this decision if I weren't head over heels in love with the school, and let me tell you, I really am. It's funny how God made His sign to me and honestly made my decision a little easier. I know that I'll be looking back in a few months, wondering how I ever let myself consider other schools.

So, all that's to say is that senior year can be a very stressful year, regardless of people telling you how much easier it is than junior year (side note: it is easier, it's just a very different kind of stress). So when you read my decision and the decisions of others my age, know that they weren't made on a whim or without careful consideration of all options. You really do not know what kind of school that person is looking for, what they're planning to study, or their personal situations that control their decisions. Respect each and every person's decision, because I know that they're also incredibly excited to share their future plans with everyone!


I am SO excited to say that come this fall, I will be attending the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia as a part of the class of 2018!

Go Spiders!

Later, I'll share my personal details of how I came to this and how my schools actually played out, but for now, I'm really just pumped to say that I'll be a Richmond Spider!

Thanks to everyone for putting up with an emotional Meredith throughout this year and for being patient with this mess, I cannot explain to you how much the people in my life and this blog has meant to me through this year especially!

And if you're a fellow senior in high school, I'd love to hear where you're going to school! And if you're still deciding, I really am thinking of you and have faith that everything will work out the best for you!

Go Spiders,


  1. Congratulations! You must be so proud not to mention Richmond is an amazing, beautiful school! You're going to love it! Best of luck!

    1. Thank you so incredibly much, that means a lot!!

  2. Congrats I hope you have a great upcoming four years!

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