Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Thuggin

Easter is honestly one of my favorite holidays. I mean, it may even be higher than Christmas. I just love the spirit and the feeling of everyone around you and it's warm and everyone's so joyful. I mean, the Lord rose that day! How can you not rejoice?!

Regardless, I had a fabulous day with my family and at church!

I was so excited to break out my new Lilly Pulitzer dress! This was an eBay find (and anyone that saw me during this purchase and bidding knew how excited I was) that I've kept for a long time and just waited until it got warm enough to wear!

My Sunday School class at Calvary Baptist! Such a weird feeling to look at a picture like this and realize how much we've grown up.

And a cute GIF.

How was your Easter?


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