Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Everyone always jokes about "doing it for the vine", but the running joke among my friends and boyfriend is that I always have to "do it for the blog". Oh, wait, Meredith has to take a picture of her meal? Of everyone? Sorry, y'all, it's for my blog. So when we went to PROM and I forced Gammon to take a million photos, he kept saying "We're doing this for the blog, aren't we?" But then we ended up with supa cute pics, like this one.

And if you missed the insane promposal (that was actually for his prom), here's that story!

So, no, I did not go to prom for the blog, but I am most definitely writing all about it today because we just had such a good time!

Gammon came to my house first to take a few pictures, which actually turned out well!

So this dress was an exciting find. We had been at the mall a week and a half ago and I really couldn't find anything. All I had seen in the women's department of Macy's were dresses that were a little old for my taste, but my mom was insistent until I came over and this Guess dress was laid out. I'm normally an 8 and this was a 4, but I figured I'd at least try it on. Turns out it was a little too big (thank you, vanity sizing), but we bought it so fast and I was so incredibly excited. 

I'm hoping to write about how I did my hair and makeup soon!

If I didn't throw in a couple of "hashtag candid" pictures, I'd be mad at myself.

My parents may actually be the cutest things on the planet and love their dance classes, so this is my dad being his typical self and showing me his moves for before I left.

And then, my brother, Brandon, who goes to a different school (but had prom the same night), and his girlfriend, Ariadna, met us at my grandparents' house where we, again, took lots of pictures.

ATTENTION: Ariadna and I really do love each other. We're just standing awkwardly apart.

The rest of the Scroggin sibs.

I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING AT THIS. I'm so glad the two of them have a picture together, even if they were meeting for the first time the second this photo was being taken.

My dad made us take this, but I'd say it turned out pretty well.

Straight thuggin?

Then we headed to Jean Farris Winery & Bistro, which was incredibly beautiful to take pictures at and then eat!

It just so happened that three girls had blue dresses and three had black dresses, so as the tallest in the only white dress, I was stuck in the middle. I was also confused as a bride, but it's whatevs.

(Wow there's a bunch of good lookin' men)

Typical me, walking in front of photos. Whoops.

And heyooo, there's our prom group!

Designated purse holder.

Though this is an incredibly awkward picture of me, my corsage was beautiful and matched my dress so well!

We may or may not have had to stop at McDonald's for a bathroom break before actually going into prom.

Seniors 2014 and Prom 2014. WOWZA I love these girls.

And prom the dance was a BLAST. We danced so hard that my feet ached, but hey, I was wearing my sweet Jack Rogers. Such a good decision.

We went to a friend's house afterwards and of course he made friends.

But now I'm just as excited to go to his prom and get all dressed up again!

All in all, it was an incredible night and we had so much fun! It is insane to think that prom of my senior year is over. Like, where did time go and when did we get old?! Seniors are scary older kids. Not me.



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