Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Staples

In my dream life, I wake up each day feeling fabulous, put on some absolutely fabulous outfit, maybe involving a tulle skirt (as that seems to be the only skirt of choice in blog land) and some cool heels (probably from Kate Spade) and drive up to my cool dream job where I take gorgeous Instagram photos of whatever cool thing I do. 

In reality, I'm a high schooler that has to wake up everyday and hope that I have clean clothes and go to school in a building with no windows. OH how I wish I could wear some killer heels and always feel on top of it, but Sydney's post on a 20 Minute Morning inspired me to write this post!

The morning after Daylight Savings and an early zero hour... ew. Let me sleep, but also let me look nice please?!

People always ask about looking nice without a lot of clothes, and I've realized that these few pieces are staples. This is such a typical outfit for me and I know I've shared bits and pieces of it before (they're staples for a reason, duh).

Okay, here we go:

Black jeggings and a white shirt are your classics. These pants are from Target and I'm absolutely obsessed with them. So comfy but they still have structure and flatter my awkward legs. I always love wearing black pants with a solid colored shirt (see: grey shirt I wear too often), and especially with white tees (also from Target). Boring you say? Oh my bad....

I wear my absolute favorite flats, my cheetah print flats that maybe I wear too frequently (because they always seem to tie an outfit together) and a big color, whether that be a cardigan, a headband, or a necklace, like in this outfit. This green statement necklace was found at Versona and written about in this blog post from the summer! I paired it with my 'M' necklace from Francesca's, ideal for layering.

And my jean jacket, always underrated, makes me feel like I'm totally from Grease or something like that. Also, it's a great alternative to a long cardigan, as a jean jacket can make your waist look tiny and your arms a little daintier. 

My earrings always make me happy and are from Handpicked!

This is my staple, especially between seasons when you want the bright spring colors but without going crazy into the summer attire.

What are your staples and go-to outfits?



  1. I LOVE THIS!!! You look so adorable, and let's be real - all fashion bloggers wear this outfit at least twice a week!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  2. I love this outfit! Reminds me a lot of my typical outfit... This necklace is absolutely perfect! I have been wanting a pearl cluster necklace, but now I want a green one!



    1. Thanks Cathleen! I'm obsessed with my pearl cluster necklace too!! (But who isn't obsessed? Haha :))

  3. I love this outfit! I need a good pair of black jeans.


    1. Thank you, Sydney! Black jeans are my fave, they go with everything!

  4. too trendy to care! I love that necklace!

  5. I have a pair of skinny black corduroys that I wear so often, way more often than I ever thought I would. The black jeggings and white tee are so nice because you can accessorize the outfit with just about any type of necklace/scarf!


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