Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Snapshots

I can see the warm weather... for now. It's coming slowly but surely, but over the course of a week, it's gone from this.... this.

BARE LEGS?! What is this madness?!

Last week, we had the snow storm of a lifetime (or of my lifetime) with several inches of snow and two snow days, nonetheless. 

Guys... SO MUCH SNOW. 

Which combined with a lack of a desire to do laundry, my fashion choices aren't really on point. I bought so many cute spring things when stores were having sales and I'm just yearning to pull them out.

But, here are some of my snapshots from this week (and one from last weekend oops):

Keeneland, I miss you....

being thankful that my sister can fishtail hair, a skill that I clearly do not have

This is from Old Navy and even though it's my sister's (sorry Shelbs), I'm obsessed with it. She also has it in black and gold!

This necklace, once tucked into my jewelry box, is coming back (featured on this post)!

Shirt: Old Navy | Skirt: Forever 21 | Boots: DSW 

Such a simple outfit and perfect for it being warm but still March.

Also, there's this New Moon lightbulb sculpture thing downtown that Gammon and I had heard of so we went to go see it and it's actually so cool. It's made up of all of these different lightbulbs and it's just really interesting!

My C. Wonder order came in and I'm dying at how beautiful the rings are! 



  1. I love all of these pictures, and your sister's dress from Old Navy is absolutely perfect!


    1. Thanks! Haha I know, I might have to steal it when I go to college...shh!



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