Sunday, March 23, 2014


Alright guys, I'm a semi-mushy person, but I try to keep it off my blog because I don't want to be annoying and because I like some things to be private. But THIS?! This was too good to not blog about. This was the biggest and best surprise I've ever gotten in my whole life.


Gammon told me that he had to work from open to close Saturday and Sunday, meaning we wouldn't get to hang out this weekend, so I was sad about that, but hey, my friends had said they wanted to go to dinner Saturday, so I was okay with that. Ironically, it was at this place, Tom+Chee (so freaking good) that Gammon and I went on our first date. I got ready Saturday night and didn't think much of it, and even when I turned into the parking lot, I kind of laughed thinking of how nervous I was last time I was there.

I got into the restaurant, and Adam was sitting there alone, so I assumed we were the first two there. Ummmm, nope, he turned to me and said, "No one's coming," and handed me a card. I was still so confused because obviously all my friends were coming...right? This was my card:

Yes, let the sweating and 'what the heck is this' begin. Gammon teases me because I have a "bladder the size of a brussels sprout" and I peed a million times on our first date. But we had also gone to Starbucks after Tom+Chee, so I headed that way.

Of course, me being an idiot, I didn't realize that there were two Starbucks in the same shopping center and I also don't know how to drive or get anywhere and I ended up at the wrong Starbucks. Whoops.

But I got to the right one and two of my friends, Victoria and Logan, were sitting there with this card.

I laughed because Victoria had send to our group text earlier that day saying, "What's everyone's favorite Lilly pattern? I'm making binder covers!" Okay, okay, sure Vic.

This was to go to the parking lot downtown where Gammon and I seriously couldn't figure out how to park at a self-pay station. (I also got lost going here, too. Whatevs.) Angela was here with this note:

This was at Saul Good where we went for our third date, so I headed over there, not knowing who was going to be there to greet me, until I saw Gibbs with this note:

Alright, alright, this was at the lightbulb thing that we saw a few weeks ago as well!

I walked down to that and saw Saba and Sara, who gave me this note:

Which, of course, was the Starbucks downtown. I walked in, a little clueless because none of my friends were there and the barista asked me if she could get me anything. I must've looked like the awkward girl because they asked me if I was Meredith and they gave me a note. 

This one tripped me up, but eventually I figured it out that it was at my house. I considered calling my mom to say that something was going on, but I knew she was out at dinner and I didn't want to bother her (lol at the irony of this....she knew everything already). 

I turned onto my street, and my entire driveway was lit up. 

I parked and as I ran across to see Gammon standing there with flowers, all my friends that I had seen popped up from behind the bushes and my mom was there taking pictures. Holy crap, guys.


My friends are seriously all the greatest, too. Lowkey HIGHKEY freaking out.

Gammon didn't even know these fools before this whole thing and its planning started. 
Oh wow oh wow oh wow.

Also, they joked the whole time about how I would blog about this. They all know me too well.

Then we ate lots of food and cake (thank you, Mom, for trying to cover up the fact that the cake you were making earlier in the day was for us and not for your 'friends') and... made a Vine for my brother (y'all follow Brandon Scroggin!!!) and he'll post it today, so go check it out!

HAY, remember when we asked Saba to prom? Here's a fab pic of the prom couples.

(sorry, Logan, we're just doin' it for the Vine)

So maybe I didn't get Tom+Chee (c'mon, they are known for their grilled cheese sandwiches made of donuts) but I did get a handsome prom date and that's way better than a grilled cheese!! Let the prom dress shopping begin, y'all!

OKAY OKAY OKAY was this mushy enough?! I was reminded of how many truly incredible people I am blessed to have in my life. Wouldn't trade them for anyone in the world, seriously.



  1. This is too sweet! I love the candles:)

    1. Apparently there were 94 of them!! Shouts to my mom for owning so many!! Haha thanks girl :)

  2. This is too cute! You are basically one of the cutest people I have ever met so I'm glad to know that you're being treated with an equal amount of cuteness. :) So sweet! Hope you have lots of fun at prom.


    1. Awww thank you so much, Taylor, that means a lot!! And I will, I'll be sure to post lots of pics :)

  3. Holy adorable! So happy for you Meredith!

  4. SO MUCH PERFECT IM IN TEARS so happy for you princess!

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