Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pinterest & Painting

I don't like it when people are always talking about their numbers for blogging because it really isn't that important, ya know? But last night, while I was sitting with friends, a big number happened and I couldn't be more excited. 

10,000 Pinterest followers. 

UMM WHAT?! I think I'm just so excited about this because Pinterest is what started my love for fashion, baking, crafting, and everything Monogram Meredith related. When I was cut from the volleyball team before junior year, it actually broke me. It just didn't seem real and I knew I would eventually be okay, but it was such a big part of my life that I was confused without it. Our air conditioning was broken that week and I remember showering and crying with my mom and sister, but we had to sleep in our basement because it was cooler down there. And I couldn't sleep because I was so stressed out and I stayed up until 4AM on Pinterest....whoops (To be honest, one of my best friends today is my best friend because we were both on at that time and we realized that we were so similar because we followed each other on Pinterest...). 

So, yes, being sentimental about Pinterest, but it was those following weeks of constant baking and crafting and pinning to fill the time that 4 hour practices used to fill. And it's what's made up a large part of my blog because it was my little safe spot before blogging was! Just so stinking grateful and happy about all of this right now. So thank you guys for helping me get to this, much appreciation. 

In other news, I may be an artist. Maybe. Probably not. Actually yeah, I can't paint, I can just follow directions.

(fooling people into thinking I can do this on my own)

We had so much fun painting our owls at Painting with a Twist (Erin and Kirby above) last night!

Then we inhaled some fondue from Saul Good. Because there isn't anything better than dipping everything you can think of in chocolate.

THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING AMAZING and reading about my painting adventures and following me on Pinterest. ily.



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