Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Interview Outfit

I was going through some of my photos from this year so far (kind of proud of myself for taking and uploading pictures online) and realized I never posted this outfit. I had saved it because it was for a college interview and again, I'm kind of superstitious about all of it, but I figured I'd go ahead and post it because it's about to get warm (hopefully) and this outfit won't be as applicable later.

These are all some of my favorite pieces and I think it's a great one for something where you want to look nice and chic, but still conservative. It may look off-color here, but the sweater is more brown than orange and exactly the color of my boots, so I love pairing these two together. My headband and skirt are both navy, which just gets me excited because matchy-matchy gets me excited. 

And again, simple jewelry is important. I'm actually a huge proponent of wearing watches (I have a whole thought about it, but the general idea is that it shows what kind of person you are). I also wore my 'M' Pandora charm (I don't wear my bracelet enough and I love this charm) on a chain and pearls.

Right now, I'm sitting in a vest and bean boots and it's snowing outside. Trying to think warm thoughts because it's hard to believe that in a few days, I'll be wearing a bathing suit on the beach. GET ME THROUGH.



  1. Love the simple jewelry addition! Wearing a Pandora charm around your neck is a good idea when you get sick of bracelets. c: Necklace's vs bracelet's are also better for interviews I believe!
    Lovely outfit, you look absolutely stunning!! c:


  2. Absolutely adorable! You are so classic - it's perfect!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  3. What a simple but very professional outfit for an interview!

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