Saturday, March 8, 2014

A very delayed Lent post

Yes, I know it's Saturday, but hey, it's whatevs.

I've been very encouraged by a lot of people celebrating Lent and starting their sacrifice on Ash Wednesday, and I had been looking around for something to give up or some way to celebrate. I've been really proud of myself because last year I gave up soda for Lent and it was insanely difficult, but a year later and I still haven't had any of my once-was best friend, Diet Coke. Also, it kinda sucks sometimes because I am a vegetarian and already don't eat meat, so I can't give up that and giving up other foods like bread or cheese would be really difficult because they make up a lot of my diet to begin with. 

And food is honestly just a weird thing to give up... I wanted to make sure that whatever I chose would really help me find a better relationship with Christ and would remind me of the love that we're constantly graced with.

While on a Google search, though, I found someone saying they were giving up shoes. Ummmm, what? I am from Kentucky and people already stereotype that we don't wear shoes. And the whole concept is kind of confusing. I am not a fan of any sort of fungus I'd get from that.

But then I came across a great idea, and I'm going with it. Every day for 40 days, I'm writing a letter to someone I care about. I've realized a lot this year that it is important to tell people how much you care for them. Not even in a lovey-dovey, 'I'd take a bullet for you' type of way, but that if you care about someone or they're important in your life or anything, you should tell them. We always worry about being desperate and looking like you're overdoing it, but I think of the moments when we tell people we love them the most. When you're sad and they comfort you, or a tragedy strikes and you feel the necessity to tell them you love them. Why can't we appreciate everyone a little more than that? 

So, this is my goal. Maybe it'll take a couple days to catch up on them at a time, but I hope that by the time Lent ends, I will have written 40 (or more?) letters to people I care about!

I honestly love hearing about people's spiritual journeys through Lent, so let me know what you're doing to celebrate this season!


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