Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Interview Outfit

I was going through some of my photos from this year so far (kind of proud of myself for taking and uploading pictures online) and realized I never posted this outfit. I had saved it because it was for a college interview and again, I'm kind of superstitious about all of it, but I figured I'd go ahead and post it because it's about to get warm (hopefully) and this outfit won't be as applicable later.

These are all some of my favorite pieces and I think it's a great one for something where you want to look nice and chic, but still conservative. It may look off-color here, but the sweater is more brown than orange and exactly the color of my boots, so I love pairing these two together. My headband and skirt are both navy, which just gets me excited because matchy-matchy gets me excited. 

And again, simple jewelry is important. I'm actually a huge proponent of wearing watches (I have a whole thought about it, but the general idea is that it shows what kind of person you are). I also wore my 'M' Pandora charm (I don't wear my bracelet enough and I love this charm) on a chain and pearls.

Right now, I'm sitting in a vest and bean boots and it's snowing outside. Trying to think warm thoughts because it's hard to believe that in a few days, I'll be wearing a bathing suit on the beach. GET ME THROUGH.


Sunday, March 23, 2014


Alright guys, I'm a semi-mushy person, but I try to keep it off my blog because I don't want to be annoying and because I like some things to be private. But THIS?! This was too good to not blog about. This was the biggest and best surprise I've ever gotten in my whole life.


Gammon told me that he had to work from open to close Saturday and Sunday, meaning we wouldn't get to hang out this weekend, so I was sad about that, but hey, my friends had said they wanted to go to dinner Saturday, so I was okay with that. Ironically, it was at this place, Tom+Chee (so freaking good) that Gammon and I went on our first date. I got ready Saturday night and didn't think much of it, and even when I turned into the parking lot, I kind of laughed thinking of how nervous I was last time I was there.

I got into the restaurant, and Adam was sitting there alone, so I assumed we were the first two there. Ummmm, nope, he turned to me and said, "No one's coming," and handed me a card. I was still so confused because obviously all my friends were coming...right? This was my card:

Yes, let the sweating and 'what the heck is this' begin. Gammon teases me because I have a "bladder the size of a brussels sprout" and I peed a million times on our first date. But we had also gone to Starbucks after Tom+Chee, so I headed that way.

Of course, me being an idiot, I didn't realize that there were two Starbucks in the same shopping center and I also don't know how to drive or get anywhere and I ended up at the wrong Starbucks. Whoops.

But I got to the right one and two of my friends, Victoria and Logan, were sitting there with this card.

I laughed because Victoria had send to our group text earlier that day saying, "What's everyone's favorite Lilly pattern? I'm making binder covers!" Okay, okay, sure Vic.

This was to go to the parking lot downtown where Gammon and I seriously couldn't figure out how to park at a self-pay station. (I also got lost going here, too. Whatevs.) Angela was here with this note:

This was at Saul Good where we went for our third date, so I headed over there, not knowing who was going to be there to greet me, until I saw Gibbs with this note:

Alright, alright, this was at the lightbulb thing that we saw a few weeks ago as well!

I walked down to that and saw Saba and Sara, who gave me this note:

Which, of course, was the Starbucks downtown. I walked in, a little clueless because none of my friends were there and the barista asked me if she could get me anything. I must've looked like the awkward girl because they asked me if I was Meredith and they gave me a note. 

This one tripped me up, but eventually I figured it out that it was at my house. I considered calling my mom to say that something was going on, but I knew she was out at dinner and I didn't want to bother her (lol at the irony of this....she knew everything already). 

I turned onto my street, and my entire driveway was lit up. 

I parked and as I ran across to see Gammon standing there with flowers, all my friends that I had seen popped up from behind the bushes and my mom was there taking pictures. Holy crap, guys.


My friends are seriously all the greatest, too. Lowkey HIGHKEY freaking out.

Gammon didn't even know these fools before this whole thing and its planning started. 
Oh wow oh wow oh wow.

Also, they joked the whole time about how I would blog about this. They all know me too well.

Then we ate lots of food and cake (thank you, Mom, for trying to cover up the fact that the cake you were making earlier in the day was for us and not for your 'friends') and... made a Vine for my brother (y'all follow Brandon Scroggin!!!) and he'll post it today, so go check it out!

HAY, remember when we asked Saba to prom? Here's a fab pic of the prom couples.

(sorry, Logan, we're just doin' it for the Vine)

So maybe I didn't get Tom+Chee (c'mon, they are known for their grilled cheese sandwiches made of donuts) but I did get a handsome prom date and that's way better than a grilled cheese!! Let the prom dress shopping begin, y'all!

OKAY OKAY OKAY was this mushy enough?! I was reminded of how many truly incredible people I am blessed to have in my life. Wouldn't trade them for anyone in the world, seriously.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pinterest & Painting

I don't like it when people are always talking about their numbers for blogging because it really isn't that important, ya know? But last night, while I was sitting with friends, a big number happened and I couldn't be more excited. 

10,000 Pinterest followers. 

UMM WHAT?! I think I'm just so excited about this because Pinterest is what started my love for fashion, baking, crafting, and everything Monogram Meredith related. When I was cut from the volleyball team before junior year, it actually broke me. It just didn't seem real and I knew I would eventually be okay, but it was such a big part of my life that I was confused without it. Our air conditioning was broken that week and I remember showering and crying with my mom and sister, but we had to sleep in our basement because it was cooler down there. And I couldn't sleep because I was so stressed out and I stayed up until 4AM on Pinterest....whoops (To be honest, one of my best friends today is my best friend because we were both on at that time and we realized that we were so similar because we followed each other on Pinterest...). 

So, yes, being sentimental about Pinterest, but it was those following weeks of constant baking and crafting and pinning to fill the time that 4 hour practices used to fill. And it's what's made up a large part of my blog because it was my little safe spot before blogging was! Just so stinking grateful and happy about all of this right now. So thank you guys for helping me get to this, much appreciation. 

In other news, I may be an artist. Maybe. Probably not. Actually yeah, I can't paint, I can just follow directions.

(fooling people into thinking I can do this on my own)

We had so much fun painting our owls at Painting with a Twist (Erin and Kirby above) last night!

Then we inhaled some fondue from Saul Good. Because there isn't anything better than dipping everything you can think of in chocolate.

THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING AMAZING and reading about my painting adventures and following me on Pinterest. ily.


Friday, March 21, 2014

An unscheduled life

I know you're tired of reading posts about me being busy or sick of the snow or apologizing for the lack of posts or how weird I feel about college, but I think that my blog in the past meant different things to me. It was a way of sharing my heart in a little corner of the internet and making myself feel systematic and knowing that this was my favorite thing on the planet. Go big or go home is my motto, so when I start to really like something, I keep going with it. Scheduled posts, planned articles, planned Instagrams, planned outfits, you name it, I was going hardcore with it.

And in the past month or two, so many things have happened. Unscheduled things. It's not that I've never had stressful times in the past (I survived junior year. That's a lot to handle.), but I could see the end. Even past just getting final grades, it was a mentality that everything I was doing was to be laid out on a college application. I hate saying that because yes, I love learning and doing things that make me happy, but it was clear that a lot of the hard work I was pouring into the things I love would eventually help me. In January, I finished applying to colleges, and I continued doing the things I loved, but still, I was feeling like my life was intricately planned, and hey, I really wasn't complaining. How easy is it to just go along with what you've been thinking about for so long? Get good grades, do lots of extracurriculars, apply to college, wait, get accepted, and attend. Seems like it was my plan and yes, I'm still following along with it, but the past two months have been full of surprises and anticipation and figuring out the next chapter of my life. Things that I do today aren't to get me into college anymore and I'm supposed to be figuring out stuff about my life! Imagine that! 

All that to say, I've always poured my heart into this blog because it's a part of me and always will be. There have been other things that I've enjoyed pouring my heart into, and it's just funny how situations change and life happens and you're not blogging every single night for a few hours because it's your safe little corner where you vent and write about everything in your life, ya know? It's not that blogging isn't one of my favorite things in the world, it's just that when your life starts to become unscheduled, so does your blog. And it's something I'm working on! To be honest, I kinda need that structure of a blog to keep me sane, but I also have to remember that I'm allowed to live life whatever way I want and without feeling like I need to be obligated to do something! Of course, I love blogging and I don't feel obligated to it. It makes me happy and fulfilled and I'm just writing this post to say that sometimes life is unscheduled (actually all the time it is, but I'm just starting to figure it out) and that my realizations have made me feel restless and I would feel bad not being real and raw and vulnerable on my blog. (Ya don't like me having feelings on this? Sorrrrrrrry not sorry.)

But of course, here are a few photos that'll show you that I do actually exist other than my blog:

The weather was too nice to not be driving with the windows down!

I've gotten addicted to my brother's pullover and he may never get it back.

I love my sister a whole stinkin' lot.

I love my Sperrys a lot, too..... they're the shoes you've had for forever and the ones I personally got to wear with my school dress code in middle school (you were it if you had them), but I still love them a lot! I always forget about them, but they're seriously the best easy transition shoe between riding boots and flats and sandals!

Please be thinking of me as I anxiously wait to hear back from all my schools.... then I'M LEAVIN FOR SPRING BREAK ON FRIDAY. CAN I GET A HECK YEAH, please?


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Staples

In my dream life, I wake up each day feeling fabulous, put on some absolutely fabulous outfit, maybe involving a tulle skirt (as that seems to be the only skirt of choice in blog land) and some cool heels (probably from Kate Spade) and drive up to my cool dream job where I take gorgeous Instagram photos of whatever cool thing I do. 

In reality, I'm a high schooler that has to wake up everyday and hope that I have clean clothes and go to school in a building with no windows. OH how I wish I could wear some killer heels and always feel on top of it, but Sydney's post on a 20 Minute Morning inspired me to write this post!

The morning after Daylight Savings and an early zero hour... ew. Let me sleep, but also let me look nice please?!

People always ask about looking nice without a lot of clothes, and I've realized that these few pieces are staples. This is such a typical outfit for me and I know I've shared bits and pieces of it before (they're staples for a reason, duh).

Okay, here we go:

Black jeggings and a white shirt are your classics. These pants are from Target and I'm absolutely obsessed with them. So comfy but they still have structure and flatter my awkward legs. I always love wearing black pants with a solid colored shirt (see: grey shirt I wear too often), and especially with white tees (also from Target). Boring you say? Oh my bad....

I wear my absolute favorite flats, my cheetah print flats that maybe I wear too frequently (because they always seem to tie an outfit together) and a big color, whether that be a cardigan, a headband, or a necklace, like in this outfit. This green statement necklace was found at Versona and written about in this blog post from the summer! I paired it with my 'M' necklace from Francesca's, ideal for layering.

And my jean jacket, always underrated, makes me feel like I'm totally from Grease or something like that. Also, it's a great alternative to a long cardigan, as a jean jacket can make your waist look tiny and your arms a little daintier. 

My earrings always make me happy and are from Handpicked!

This is my staple, especially between seasons when you want the bright spring colors but without going crazy into the summer attire.

What are your staples and go-to outfits?


Monday, March 10, 2014

Love my Jacks

Look, guys, this weather makes me ECSTATIC. So happy that I pulled out my Jack Rogers and let my feet see the sun. I got to be outside today and just totally dug the weather. 

Jack Rogers are an investment, but one of those investments you'll always love. I always see people asking if they're worth it, and please trust me, they're so worth it. I love them. They're my best friend.

Right now, I'm watching The Bachelor sitting in the same room with my mom watching The Bachelor and trying to not cry at how pathetic this show is. Look, I know that there are millions of people who tune in to every girl's emotion and thought, but I cannot stand this at all. The whole idea makes me cringe. 

Watch tomorrow for an outfit post!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Snapshots

I can see the warm weather... for now. It's coming slowly but surely, but over the course of a week, it's gone from this....

....to this.

BARE LEGS?! What is this madness?!

Last week, we had the snow storm of a lifetime (or of my lifetime) with several inches of snow and two snow days, nonetheless. 

Guys... SO MUCH SNOW. 

Which combined with a lack of a desire to do laundry, my fashion choices aren't really on point. I bought so many cute spring things when stores were having sales and I'm just yearning to pull them out.

But, here are some of my snapshots from this week (and one from last weekend oops):

Keeneland, I miss you....

being thankful that my sister can fishtail hair, a skill that I clearly do not have

This is from Old Navy and even though it's my sister's (sorry Shelbs), I'm obsessed with it. She also has it in black and gold!

This necklace, once tucked into my jewelry box, is coming back (featured on this post)!

Shirt: Old Navy | Skirt: Forever 21 | Boots: DSW 

Such a simple outfit and perfect for it being warm but still March.

Also, there's this New Moon lightbulb sculpture thing downtown that Gammon and I had heard of so we went to go see it and it's actually so cool. It's made up of all of these different lightbulbs and it's just really interesting!

My C. Wonder order came in and I'm dying at how beautiful the rings are! 


Saturday, March 8, 2014

A very delayed Lent post

Yes, I know it's Saturday, but hey, it's whatevs.

I've been very encouraged by a lot of people celebrating Lent and starting their sacrifice on Ash Wednesday, and I had been looking around for something to give up or some way to celebrate. I've been really proud of myself because last year I gave up soda for Lent and it was insanely difficult, but a year later and I still haven't had any of my once-was best friend, Diet Coke. Also, it kinda sucks sometimes because I am a vegetarian and already don't eat meat, so I can't give up that and giving up other foods like bread or cheese would be really difficult because they make up a lot of my diet to begin with. 

And food is honestly just a weird thing to give up... I wanted to make sure that whatever I chose would really help me find a better relationship with Christ and would remind me of the love that we're constantly graced with.

While on a Google search, though, I found someone saying they were giving up shoes. Ummmm, what? I am from Kentucky and people already stereotype that we don't wear shoes. And the whole concept is kind of confusing. I am not a fan of any sort of fungus I'd get from that.

But then I came across a great idea, and I'm going with it. Every day for 40 days, I'm writing a letter to someone I care about. I've realized a lot this year that it is important to tell people how much you care for them. Not even in a lovey-dovey, 'I'd take a bullet for you' type of way, but that if you care about someone or they're important in your life or anything, you should tell them. We always worry about being desperate and looking like you're overdoing it, but I think of the moments when we tell people we love them the most. When you're sad and they comfort you, or a tragedy strikes and you feel the necessity to tell them you love them. Why can't we appreciate everyone a little more than that? 

So, this is my goal. Maybe it'll take a couple days to catch up on them at a time, but I hope that by the time Lent ends, I will have written 40 (or more?) letters to people I care about!

I honestly love hearing about people's spiritual journeys through Lent, so let me know what you're doing to celebrate this season!