Saturday, February 8, 2014

Makeup Must Haves

I am kind of a huge cheapo when it comes to makeup. Girls obsess over the new Naked Palette or what have you, and I'm perfectly content when it comes to good, well-used drugstore makeup. Ain't no shame in that, right? I laugh when people ask about good drugstore options because..... all of mine will most likely always be drugstore options.

I kind of have a weird experience with trying and figuring out makeup, but I've realized that I have sensitive skin. I know that's really vague, but every time I used normal foundation or washed my face with normal face wash, my face would either a) hurt really bad and get really red or b) break out. It made me so frustrated because hey, I wanted to wear makeup to cover up blemishes, but I didn't realize that the makeup was what was making it so bad.

That's why I splurge with Almay-- my favorite drugstore makeup! One time we had a million Almay coupons and we bought almost everything in that little Target aisle because the coupons were so great. 

I use liquid foundation, which is the Almay Truly Lasting Color one. I've gone through several of them and they're great.

For concealer, I use Almay Wake Up and love it. I learned from somewhere how useful it is to put on foundation then concealer and it's worked wonders for me (I'm not a beauty guru, okay?!?).

Blush, again, big cheapo because I just buy the always trustworthy Covergirl blush. Nothing fancy, but gets the job done!

Eyeshadow for me honestly changes every day and all depends on what I have with me. For the most part, it's just brown eye shadow, sometimes a little lighter, sometimes a little darker. Right now, I'm using NYC Color eyeshadow

Almay also has this cool Intense i-Color thing, which is basically just a more liquid eyeshadow for specific eye colors. It has saved me on so many days when I wanted my eyes to be bright and shiny and thus, I'm obsessed with it.

I'm also an eyeliner freak. I use eyeliner every day because I feel like even just a smidge of it makes me look so much more put together (I'm just one of those girls). I use Wet n Wild pencil eyeliner (it's 99 cents, guys. Again, total cheapo) and use it practically under my eyelashes, then a little bit over as well. It's hard to describe, I just mean that I don't put it as much on my eyelid as I do on my eyelash line. It makes it look more natural. 

That eyeliner obsession feeds into my liquid eyeliner love. I know so many girls hate it and causes bother, but my mom has worn liquid eyeliner religiously and I think that's what's caused it in me. I'm currently using Maybelline Stiletto (intense name, right?!) and think it's great. It always makes me think of that quote about your eyeliner being so sharp it could kill a man and heck, that's a little intense too, but I love the idea. And while I was looking for the exact words of that quote, I found this.... gotta love it--

Aight, aight, Cleopatra, I'm with ya. I'll rule a kingdom with some dope eyeliner, too.

You remember those little notes on Facebook where it would say eyeliner or mascara? You don't? Okay nevermind..... but I would definitely choose mascara. I worship mascara and its abilities to make my eyelashes look good. I'm kind of obsessed with it (and used three different types for Seniors....) and my sister and I joke about 'the good mascara', which is the Almay Intense Volume or something. Shelby and I ended up giving each other mascara for Christmas because we love it so much. 

And those are my oh-so-fancy makeup must haves!!

What are your favorite makeup products?



  1. I am a HUGE fan of drugstore products. I have been branching out (especially since I got some nice Christmas gifts), but I love drugstore eyeliners and mascaras especially.

    AJ |


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