Wednesday, February 26, 2014

C. Wonder Flash Sale!

C. Wonder is known for being the boutique of all the things you see on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and all other blogs. It's the greatest. AND THEY'RE HAVING A FLASH SALE TODAY AND TOMORROW. Okay, okay, 75% off, I'm happy. Here are my favorites:

It's monogrammed and navy, need I say more?

Being from Kentucky (even though I don't ride horses), equestrian-themed jewelry holds a special place in my heart.

I'm obsessed with everything what if I have no need for a salad bowl?

Could this be what we've all been looking for?! Could this be a mashup of Hunters and Bean Boots? Love.

If someone could tell me what the difference between a latte mug and a coffee mug is, that'd be much appreciated. But this is polka dotted, so I already love it.

Marry me?

If you don't love Fair Isle, I can't love you. But this actually reminds me of all of the adorable Vineyard Vines sweaters!

And then for what I actually bought....

ACTUALLY OBSESSED. I will be wearing these as often as I can.

The real reason I even got onto the sale. I've been lusting over a bow belt for forever, and just...look. Just look at it.

Honestly distraught because if I could put everything on the page in this post, I would!

And every girl's favorite thing to be told--

My job here is done.

Happy shopping,


  1. UGh all so perfectly preppy. and beyond you. Why am I broke.

    1. It's like a perfect mix of preppy and quirky agh it's my fave!

  2. I. Want. It. All.
    I hate being in college because no money. Ugh

    1. May the Good Lord bless the fact that I have a babysitting job bc I am hashtag broke otherwise


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