Thursday, January 9, 2014

Outside a style comfort zone

One of my challenges for the new year was an improvement in my style. When I say that I like to stay in my comfort zone, that zone includes leggings, sweaters, and vests everyday during the winter, which of course, is an essential, but is also kind of standard. I have so many pieces that I never wear and that I wanted to challenge myself to wear and give it some oomph, ya know? 

So this is a shoutout to all other fashion/lifestyle bloggers, because sometimes I feel discouraged posting style posts, but it truly is the inspiration of women with great fashion that help me on the daily. And especially blogger Krista Robertson for this! 

I think I'm actually going to be really upset when this season ends. I hate that everyone's always thinking ahead and only wishing for the opposite type of weather, because by the time spring and summer comes, everyone's going to be pinning fall outfits on their Pinterest boards and hoping for their new Tory boots to come in. Why can't we just (stylishly) appreciate the season we're in?!

And I'm going to be upset when this season ends because I finally feel like I'm learning to layer everything. Obsessed with oxfords under everything. Just completely obsessed.

So..... we have the chambray layered under, grey dress.

I don't really know what to call this dress, but I LOVE it. I honestly have no clue where it's from, but I've never found another one like it. 

pale? yup. embracing it? totally.

It just stops right above my chest and flares out, and I love it, but sometimes it makes me look boxy. Usually I'd wear a belt with it, but that makes me look even boxier, so I gave myself a pep talk (yes, I give myself pep talks) and went belt-less and was pretty happy with it.

I've also been a little obsessed with hot pink lipstick. I feel so put together.

Pair it with a sweet pair of boots, a chic necklace, and it doesn't seem so boxy.

My brother, Brandon, is the absolute sweetest and got me the most adorable silver bangle bracelet for Christmas from J. Crew. So when he took these photos, he was super excited to see that his gift was being featured.

Oh, and my sister? Probably upset that I'm wearing her shirt in this. We basically live in each other's closets. 

Honestly, this has been one of the most comfortable 'cute' outfits I've ever worn. The polar vortex may be a little depressing, but hey, at least I've got a coral necklace and bright pink lipstick to brighten it all up!


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  1. I love the dress! For being kinda flowy I don't think it looks boxy at all. And it looks adorable with the shirt and boots. Love the look! :)

  2. I love this dress! Proud of you for going outside of your comfort takes me a few pre/baby steps to get there but once I do I usually love my outfit :-)

  3. This is adorable!! You look great in this - I need to get the courage to do outfit posts!

  4. I literally put oxfords and chambray shirts under everything - even when it does seem to make sense! You look fantastic!

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