Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New exciting things!

It seems like everything in terms of Monogram Meredith (the blog) has taken off in the past couple of months. I don't know how, but with things like Tumblr and The Blog Baton, somehow, this little blog I started months ago is becoming something. 

When I started it, I took a lot of pride in figuring out everything. I made a hyperlink for the first time (LOL hyperlinks are my life now), made pages, labels, making my own banner, basic HTML, etc. And that was the most fun thing-- doing it all on my own and just learning, even if it sorta sucked. But of course, then I met Rachel of Sunshine and Sinatra through The Blog Baton, and not only are we blog BFFs, but we're now business BFFs! She's done HTML for years, which led to her making customized blog layouts for people. It was one of those things that as much as I loved learning it trying to learn it on my own, she has such a great eye for seeing colors and being able to put them together so that it looks great! After talking for only a week about my high maintenance needs, she figured out everything and I LOVE it. I'm being dead serious when I say that if you ever want your blog to be upped and have everything just as you'd like it (including picky requests like, can it open in a new tab? Rachel, ugh I don't know what to do, just help me), RACHEL IS YOUR GIRL. Oh, and you might be thinking, well, crap, it looks so similar to what you had, I want mine to be different!  Hah, yeah, that's just because that's me and I was really obsessed with the pink moroccan print. She can do anything. She's like the Superwoman of blog designs in my book. Check out what she does and all of the other blogs she's done!

It looks so fab and I'm obsessed with how she did it all. I went from....


You can grab my button, as well!

Lots of things are happening and to be honest, I don't really know what exactly. But I do know that there are great things to come soon, including a SWEET giveaway and virtual blogger meetup. Connections everywhere! It just reminds me that talking to new people and talking to other people with such great passions are the reasons I do this and own my little bit of space on the Internet. 

love this and love all of y'all,


  1. Love the new layout! I'll keep her in mind for the future!


  2. TOO kind. Love you bunches! I am so excited to hear about all this fun stuff. Thank gosh for blogging :-)


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