Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mixin' it on Vine

My mentoring project for school is pretty cool. When I started working with Awesome Inc and all my friends were working with professors or bankers that dreaded going to mentoring, I knew that I easily had the best mentoring place in all of Lexington. Not to say that those professions aren't amazing, I'm just super lucky to be surrounded by cool people in a cool place where we get to do cool things like this...

thanks to Nick Such for such a cool photo!

Awesome Inc was invited by Mix on Vine to come and participate in AERIAL YOGA. I couldn't stop talking about it because I couldn't get over how excited I was. Being 18, you can check yourself out, and while most people do it to get lunch or whatever, I was proud to check myself out for the first time to go do some aerial yoga.

And this place was SWEET. We all walked in and the entrance was full of art, so we were a little confused, but I didn't realize that Mix on Vine has five components: Vibe, Fly, Bloom, Hang, Sip. From what I saw in the few minutes of being in the lobby, there was the art gallery, the hair salon, and the silk hammocks we used for yoga, but it also has a dance workout studio and a food/treat bar. The whole atmosphere was incredible, as we were greeted by enthusiastic people. And as someone who can get that 'snobby' feel from many places like these and feel so uncomfortable being unflexible, they were so cool. Definitely not a 'snobby' place. And my friend actually got her hair done here today and it looks absolutely adorable. 

All that to say, the whole concept of putting these concepts of living well together is really cool. You can really see why it's called 'Mix on Vine'!

But the aerial yoga? Much more fun than I had imagined. Again, let me reiterate that I am not flexible and not very strong (curse me losing muscle after volleyball), but I was not frustrated or anything. You're upside down for probably 85% of the class, but they emphasize that if you're not feeling okay or not okay with it, don't worry about it. The woman who taught it was so gracious and helped everyone, including me with my inability to flip myself over. 

So here are some more photos, thanks to Brian Raney:

I figured Instagramming this photo of me on the right wasn't exactly the best idea...

And at the end, part of the yoga aspect was the relaxation where they just let us sit in these hammocks (they're so stretchy that you can put your entire body inside of it) and it felt incredible after being upside down and in every which way. Someone asked me if it was hard, but I couldn't really explain it because yes, it took strength and I was sweating some, but I wasn't in that mindset of working out where all you can think is "This sucks. Get me out of here." And though I feel sore today, I feel so good about it! Such a good type of sore. 

Anyway, this is my long recap of doing aerial yoga at Mix on Vine. I probably wouldn't have signed up for this just on my own, but am so happy that I had the opportunity to try it and fall in love with it!

Definitely check out their website to get their whole misson/image of what Mix on Vine really is and great parts of all of it!!


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