Friday, January 24, 2014

lots of pics and lots of coffee

We.... have another snow day. I have not been to school since last Friday. I had wanted to publish one blog post but decided against it, so in the name of 'snow pics' (and some that aren't)--

My friend Logan jokes about it and sends me random pics to put on my blog and so when I asked him for the good ones he sent about 20... so a few of these are his and a few aren't of the snow. Whatevs. 

introducing Marta Scroggin and her fancy new camera

okay, I'm absolutely obsessed with this one because you can see the tree's shadow

very Mammoth Cave-esque, no?

two photos above are c/o Mr. Fancy Pants Logan Ziegler

love love love my church, Calvary Baptist

this is by far my favorite photo, thanks to Adam Kiser and his beautiful backyard

I have had so much coffee these past few days. Totes obligated to take a pic of it because I can drink it out of a cute mug and not a crappy cup

And a last one, with a little bit of a story. My name in Spanish class is Yolanda, only because it cracked me up when we had to choose from the list. And the teacher I had last year is the same one I have this year... so I'm just forever Yolanda in her mind and everyone teases me. Whatever. I love it. Anyway, I found out that there's a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills named Yolanda and was so excited about it that I tweeted about it. My dad, on a business trip then, apparently does read all of my tweets.

I laughed so hard and my day was so made.

And sometimes, you just have to put random things on your blog simply because you can.

Clearly, I haven't been doing much if I'm posting screenshots and pics of coffee. But it's the life. And life is short, so I'll continue drinking too much coffee and talking about boogers.


Psalm 48:14 | For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.

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