Thursday, January 16, 2014


HEY NOW, HEY NOOOOW. This is what dreeeeeeeeams are made of- it's Sunshine and Sinatra's first birthday! We bloggers love making a big deal out of everything (duh) and there's nothing more exciting than an anniversary!

Bloggers also love giving free things away. It's a giveaway, brought to you by some lovely bloggers and this exciting blogaversary!

So show some bloggin' love and follow, follow, follow to win a sweet package.

Do you know how fun winning a giveaway is?! I never thought I'd ever win one, but I won the Red Star Yeast giveaway from Sally's Baking Addiction and the Alice+Olivia by Starbucks mug from A Southern Drawl in one week and it was one of the most exciting things that's ever happened. 

Yeah, so enter this giveaway to win cool stuff. And on top of that, meet some of the coolest bloggers out there.


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