Monday, January 20, 2014

Feelin' like Martha

My friends jokingly call me Martha Stewart and think it's the funniest thing in the world. But when I got Martha Stewart cookbooks for Christmas and I was thrilled, it was no joking matter. 

I've been waiting for the best opportunity to make something out of them, and of course, there's Book Club!

I love my Book Club fam so much.... going to miss it a lot next year.

Okay......... this is not the best photo of these fabulous Cream Cheese Blondies. I wish I could post the photos of people eating them, but they'd probably kill me. My rule of thumb for the merits of a good dessert is if they're all gone by the end of a meeting- SUCCESS. And these were all gone.

More cakey than anything else, the mixture of the sweet taste and the cream cheese never fails. They remind me of these Funfetti Cheesecake Cookies I made last spring.

I was so excited to use my new apron, too!
(I'm working out kinks, so know that for now, you have to type in 'www' for my domain!)

Hope you enjoy!



  1. Such a cute apron :) I can't wait to see some recipes!

    1. Thank you!!! And me too, my kitchen's just a-waitin! :)

  2. Your apron is adorable!


    1. Thank you!! I'm so grateful to have a grandmother with an embroidery machine, haha. :)


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