Friday, January 17, 2014

Applicable- Favorite websites/apps

The other day after Carly (TCP) had posted about, my mom and I figured we had to try it. It's a website for unsubscribing to all of those incredibly annoying email lists, and I was joking with her that she needed it more than anyone. We put in my email first and it turns out that I had 200+ subscriptions! Between colleges, shopping, and blogging, I was so tired of getting all of them, so we easily went through and took off 150 of them.

Thinking about that made me think of all the other awesome websites or apps I use and love!

Obvi, the first one that I just talked about is It'll do your first five and then you have to share it somehow for it to give you the rest. So worth it.


E-mail can be so underrated for people my age, but it's honestly the greatest thing. I use/worship Gmail and all of its functions and capabilities, but especially the email part. Once every few days, I sit and get on my email to put all of its labels on. I try to delete and archive as needed, but putting labels on or moving them to a content-related folder has been of so much help. For example, I have a label for Monogram Meredith, Scholarships, Colleges, Coupons, Family, etc. They're all pretty different colors and I can either leave them in my inbox or move them to find them later. It's a pretty simple thing, but actually putting that little bit of effort makes me feel so much better. You can also filter them so that when you get an email from a certain person, it'll automatically put a label on it (beneficial with my family), delete it, archive it, or really whatever you want it to do.

On my old phone, Gmail was the basic setup, so the Gmail app was already installed and the default. On this iPhone, obviously, there's the Mail app, but to be honest, I was kind of snobby and didn't really like it. It's hard to read, starred emails look weird, there aren't labels, and you can't delete them all at once. So I installed the Gmail app and turned off all of my notifications for Mail. Sooo great! I love it.

If you've been entering the giveaway, you know that one of my entries is following me on Bloglovin', easily one of the greatest tools ever created for both bloggers and blog readers. Sydney from Summer Wind had put it in a great way- it's basically a Twitter feed for blogs. It seems like a 'blogger-only' app, but it's incredibly useful for absolutely everyone, even if and especially if you don't have a blog yourself. I was obsessed with using it on my computer, but now that I have the app, I'm on it more than ever! I think I joined the blogging world in the decline of Google Friend Connect/Google Reader, so this is just so fab.


Okay, I've been really annoying with this app and showing all of my friends. I just think it's really cool. I was just trying to set an alarm, but then I found this and had to try it. You find a time frame of when you want to wake up and then you put it upside down on your bed and go to sleep. It measures your motion throughout the night and finds the time when you're going to be less groggy, and then you can see the graph of your sleep cycles. Now, don't hold me accountable if it's not that accurate, but I think it's LEGIT.

Here are two nights... obvi I need to get a little more sleep. 

It's weird looking at the efficiency, too. 52% on one night and 92% on the other?! 

I'm sure if I were all big and had no time to tweet things, I would use this on the reg. But sadly, I'm on Twitter all the time.(all the time). I love HootSuite though because you can schedule tweets and have different profiles, so I use it for Monogram Meredith all the time. When I have a post going live at midnight, I copy the permalink and schedule a tweet with it at midnight as well. It's super beneficial for the times when I know I can't tweet it myself will be asleep. Also, I manage the Twitter accounts for our school's Book Club and National Honor Society, so if I'm not on my phone, I can switch between the accounts without having to log out. 

I know a lot of people know about My Fitness Pal, but I'm just here reassuring my faith. I have used it for years and absolutely loved it. It's great for if you're counting calories OR if you're just trying to make sure you're getting enough nutrients. Being a vegetarian, I try to log my food and make sure I'm not going over or under on anything (super easy to go over on carbs in an attempt to stay high on protein). And you can keep up with your friends (um... I have my parents and my friend Caroline on there. It's whatevs. We still keep it fun.) and track your exercise as well. I just think it's an altogether great product that I definitely recommend. 


Just a photo editing app that costs a dollar, but worth literally every single penny. Even more than one dollar.


My dad (organization/note taking nut) had told me about Evernote months ago, but I didn't really listen to him about its greatness until my favorite note keeping company, Catch, stopped. (I was honestly so sad.) I love Evernote because you can download the program to your computer, but also access it online anywhere, or from your phone. You can put almost anything in it (photos, links, etc.) or format it in any which way. Honestly, I haven't even used it to its full capacity yet, but I'm still working on it. When you talk about note keeping programs, Evernote is kind of the royalty. But definitely well-deserved royalty.


Yeah, okay, back to my ghetto phone where Pic Stitch wasn't available, so I got PhotoGrid. It's my favorite collage making app, so I still use it all the time! I really love it and recommend it.

Google Docs

ALL HAIL THE ALMIGHTY GOOGLE DOCS. This is going to have to have a separate post of its own, but for now, just know that Google Docs saves lives and will be the cure for cancer some day. Just count on it.

I love love love hearing about new websites or apps to try, so if y'all have any suggestions for anything (and I mean anything), let me know!!


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  1. Love hearing about new apps! Try Favado, it helps save on groceries!

  2. I just downloaded Evernote, so hopefully it's good - I've heard about it before but never really looked into it. I'll let you know if I like it :)


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