Friday, December 27, 2013

when I grow up

When we're little, people ask us what we want to be when we grow up, and we tell them the typical things: a mommy, doctor, princess, dancer, singer, cook, etc. I think I'm at that point where I'm  starting to think about what I realistically want to do and all of the incredible careers that are out there for weirdos like me. Still not accepting the fact that yeah, time is passing, and one day, hopefully far in the future, I'm going to be 'grown up'.

(And not like in the Pussycat Dolls song.)

I'm pretty sure that on a daily basis I tell someone what my dream job is. I mean, the good Lord knows that I tweet it every other day, sooooo here's my list of my perfect jobs. Granted, I still have to get into college and get a degree and all, but hey, this is fun, too.

Create prints for Lilly Pulitzer
Haven't you ever seen their adorable Instagram photos and videos? I'd get so excited to create prints and designs way before they're ever for sale and then being able to see girls walking around everywhere toting a design that I made. Or just work for Lilly.

Work for the Pinterest team. 
Being in San Francisco this summer was amazing because it was where half of these huge tech startups were located, including Pinterest. Besides that, how cool would it be to promote the most fun app out there?! I mean, they have spots in their creative department for designing products and their culture ugh just let me work there.

Or work for Google. 
Being there this summer was UNREAL. (...also don't I have the cutest friend Liz?)

Social media marketing. 
Alright, y'all know social media is my fave thing. Did you know people GET PAID TO DO IT? All of our fine Instagram editin' and caption creatin' and funny Tweetin' could literally pay off. I think my favorite example of this is Krista Robertson, who graduated from the University of Kentucky (#BBN) and is currently working in NYC doing social media for the MLB. Yeah, she's doing SOCIAL MEDIA for a league involving CUTE BASEBALL PLAYERS. She's livin' the life. And she has cute clothes.

Be a buyer for a major store.
....because duh, if Rachel can do it, I can too.


Or I could be Monica and own my own restaurant. Or my own bakery. 
I'd be really, really, really happy either way.

An event planner of some sorts. 
All of your weddings will be brought to you by my highly intricate wedding board on Pinterest

Work for Kate Spade.
All their cute little sayings get me so motivated...if I work there, do I get free things? (jk jk jk)

An author. 
Look, I have no clue what I'd write about, but I like talking and I like writing.

Interior Designer. 
I've watched enough HGTV with my mom to know what happens, right?!

Work for a magazine. 
Honestly, it's all over the place-- fashion, beauty, politics, whatever. Any place I get to do the same kind of things I do on here would be great.

(*update) Writer or Actor on SNL.
I love SNL more than anything, guys.

A stylist. 
I love fashion and people... any more you need to know?

A professional quote-maker of things found on Pinterest. 
Oh wait this isn't a j

I mean obviously it'd be cool to say I wanted to be a surgeon, judge on American Idol, or veterinarian, but come on, I'm not going to be good at any of those. But being any of these people and having their careers would be SWEET.

Mindy Kaling- Um, she's hilarious and gets paid for people to pay attention to her and laugh at her jokes. (okay please someone just laugh at my jokes you don't even have to pay me) She even wrote a book about her life and got paid for it.

Rachael Ray- Again, she makes food for people and then has a show where she just talks to people. I even watched the funniest clip of her and Neil Patrick Harris and just died.

Mackenzie Horan- Okay, yes, she's a blogger with her own boutique, Design Darling. Um, hello?!

Beyoncé- Who doesn't want to be Beyoncé?? Now, really, that's out of the question because y'all probably don't want to hear me singing. (Also, have you taken the 'Which Beyoncé Are You' quiz?)

Anderson Cooper- I don't know if I could do what he does, but I think he's incredible.


Any member of the KJP/Sarah Vickers/Sadie Zucchi crew. I think they're the absolute coolest people alive.

Kate Middleton- Okay, okay, not really a career, but she IS STILL MY IDOL.

So, yeah, if you're ever in need of some amazing women and men with incredible careers, know that they're all right here. And if you want to create your own startup with me where we CONQUER THE WORLD, I'm open to that, too, because that'll be my fallback option. (Juuuuuust kidding, guys)

Who or what do you want to be when you 'grow up'?


PS-- I mentioned my friend Liz up above, but seriously, she's one of my best friends from LBW and a true classic prepster on (and off) Tumblr, so go follow my homegirl from New Jersey

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