Saturday, December 28, 2013

UK-UofL Basketball Workout

Hello, my dears! Today is Saturday, December 28th. Which means that in the state of Kentucky, only one thing is happening.
The UK-UofL basketball game, easily one of the biggest games of the year. You don't schedule anything for today because everybody and their brother is in front of a TV, cheering on our Cats (because Louisville doesn't exist).
My sweet friend, Macy Early (fitness extraordinaire) was so willing to send me the workout she created for the game! No matter if you're cheering for the Cats or the Cardinals, you'll be getting a sweet workout out of this, so I urge you all to try it! This is such a good start on your possible New Years Resolution, too!
And if you're not from Kentucky and not focused on the huge game, I think it's a great workout to save for any game you're watching!
I've put it on here as a photo so that you can save it to your phone or print it and keep with you while you're watching.

(Click to enlarge)
And here's the plain text:
UK-UofL Basketball Game Workout
What happened What to do
During Play:
Made Free Throw 10 crunches (any variety)
Missed Free Throw V-up Crunch
Personal Foul 10 Leg kick abs (hold partner’s ankles, and kick legs up from ground to partner’s hands)
Technical Foul Wall Squats until play resumes
Intentional Foul / fighting 45 seconds plank
Turnover 5 Lunges (any variety)
Slam Dunk 10 Jumping Jacks
Three point shot 5 Push Ups
Jump Ball 10 Scissors Abs
Alley-oop 10 Standing Shoulder Flies
Lead Change 10 Russian Twists
Chatting it Up:
An Announcer Mentions the Draft 5 Sumo Squats
Siva is mentioned 5 Chair Dips
Celebrity Spotting 5 Squats
The Players
Harrison Gets 3 fouls in the first half 30 seconds Jumping Squats (aww....)
Julius Randall gets a double-double Sun Salutation!
Every time Poythress Scores Star Jump! (yay!)
Harrison Twin pouts at a foul call 10 Squat Jacks
The Inevitables
Half Time Donkey Kick Set (15 donkey kicks per leg with 10 pulses)
Point Margin (at half and final) Burpees (repetitions = point spread)
Again, all credits are due to Miss Macy Early!
Hope y'all enjoy; let me know how it goes!
#BBN all day, err day.
Go Cats,

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