Monday, December 2, 2013

The Blog Baton/About Monogram Meredith

Happy Monday, my dears! 

First of all, I'm excited to say that I'm hosting The Blog Baton on Instagram today, and today only! It's a pretty cool idea... a couple days a week, a blogger takes the Instagram account and posts on it, linking back to their blog so that others following @TheBlogBaton Instagram account are constantly being introduced to new bloggers. I've been following it for a long time and have most definitely been introduced to some new cool people. It's Mason from Mason...Like The Jar in charge of it, so you know it's going well! See her original post about the idea here.  So, to find more cool bloggers (other than me, duh...), go follow the account and spread the Blog Baton love, as well as the Monogram Meredith love! (Showing that love could mean following @meredithscroggin on Instagram!)

And of course, if you're here because you were already following The Blog Baton and want a little more Monogram Meredith, WELCOME! I am so ecstatic to know that the power of social media is truly making a difference. 

I am an 18-year old living in and loving the beautiful city of Lexington, Kentucky. I started my blog with the intention to just promote my monogrammed t-shirts (hence the blog name), but it's turned into a whole blog full of recipes, fashion, life, and of course, a love of monograms. I'd say that I truly embrace the Southern lifestyle, but that there's a lot out there for others, as well. I think that fashion is an art, with a special spot for preppy fashion (all of my style posts are here)...

....that you should never pay full-price for things (want to see how I saved $120 on a lookalike J. Crew necklace? Click here.)

{making my own Lilly Pulitzer monogrammed school supplies}

{above is the necklace where I spent less than $10)

{the day my mom saved $158 in coupons at the grocery store. how does she do it? here.}

....have a passion for writing (see those posts here

(Why is this photo relevant? It has to do with this post, one of my most popular writing blurbs)

.....and love food so much. So much that I make food all the time and feel obligated to share why I don't fit into my jeans all the see all of my recipes right here (but of course, I do like saving calories, so there are some posts for those tucked in. See? A little bit for everyone)!

{baking in my mom's 'queen of the kitchen' apron and a Monogram Meredith t-shirt. does it get any better?}

Oh, and I have the funniest family ever. I don't have any posts specifically about them, but you'll see them sprinkled throughout my posts.

I will most likely write in every post that I 'love' something, simply because I love loving things and I love the beautiful things that life has to offer. I smile and laugh a lot, which is why I have a whole blog page dedicated to it (here). I think that passions (and quirks) are what make a person who they are, which is why I aim to share mine and those of others.

Speaking of passions.......

I have a passions for monograms. Like I mentioned earlier, I sell monogrammed t-shirts. This small business of mine has forced my love of business and crafting together into a wonderful brand of being everything Monogram Meredith. If you want a shirt, I have a whole page about how to order one right here

Yeah, I love monograms a whole lot. Here's a post where you'll understand why.

Well, I've hoped that this little taste of my blog has convinced you enough...

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  1. Such a cool idea! And I loved learning more about you!

  2. Love your style :) Yay young bloggers! Its a must to monogram everything

    1. Thanks so much!! And heck yeah...I'm forever trying to convince people that high schoolers can be taken seriously! Hahaha.

  3. Where did you get that tortoise shell watch?!? I LOVE it!!!!


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