Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tartan & Ruffles

Sometimes, I feel a little awkward posting the price of things that I've bought and then shared. Not because they're too expensive, but because I find really good deals and never pay full price for them. Okay, that's not as awkward as you thought it would be and is really not that big of a deal?

I'M SORRY. I"m still trying to figure myself out, guys!

Anyway, I was super excited about some pieces that I bought at TJ Maxx on Monday (The TJ Maxx/Marshall's combo is one of my favorite things on this planet. I feel like half my stuff comes from there. #NoShame) and was too pumped to wear one of the best things I found!

This tartan shirt is actually a Ralph Lauren top, priced at $25. I'm pretty sure that it ended up at TJ Maxx because the size was labeled incorrectly-- this a major tip to remember when shopping at places like these. It had popped out and it looked like a small or medium, but it was marked as an XL*. So, yes, of course I bought it. What's not to love about Ralph Lauren, tartan plaid, and ruffles?

*No joke, one time I paid $5 for a new North Face pullover because it was marked as an XL but was really a medium.

This is the photo that I Instagrammed yesterday and I love how it shows the details on the top, plus my new 'M' necklace!

And the rest of the outfit? A navy corduroy skirt from J. Crew {thrift find} and my good brown boots that I bought at Designer Shoe Warehouse. Look, guys, it's really not that hard to find amazing pieces for much, much less! 

What are your favorite pieces that you bought for a great deal?


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  1. I love this outfit! Also I buy things from stores that are raunchy but obviously I don't have the style of trash. I usually buy basic things from them, and I save helluva lotta money ;)!


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