Thursday, December 26, 2013

obligatory post-Christmas post

Look, I don't know what blogging etiquette is for the day after Christmas, but I do know that bloggers are kind of probably going cray right now. The food, outfits, family, new gifts, home decor.... WE CAN'T SURVIVE THIS WITHOUT PHOTO DUMPS.

Sadly, I didn't take too many photos on a good camera....

...but my mother and my grandfather (her dad) did. Seriously, this must be where I got it.

I think one of the coolest parts of the day was seeing people I had made shirts for finally get their gifts! I mean, I made these weeks ago and couldn't post them because I knew it was going to be a surprise! But of course, my monogram-lovin' girls went ahead and posted pictures for me. (Click to enlarge)

And as for the rest of them, I know they're in good hands!

{Monogrammed Christmas cookies}

LOOK another example of my computer making a GIF on its own--

Pretty sure I win Sister of the Year award for buying a CD that I didn't know would make my brother so happy.... but really, he just told me some name and I wandered around Target hopelessly until I could find the coveted album.

Also, I know people say this all the time, but I have so much fun giving gifts rather than receiving them-- like my mom and sister and their new shirts!

And y'all, I wasn't lying about good food., yes, this is my barely-there photo overload. So many exciting things coming up in this week and the next that I can't wait to share!

(aw yeah.)

Also, don't get that post-Christmas sadness! I actually get really excited about it being Epiphany on January 6th!


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