Wednesday, December 11, 2013

dang it's getting cold

Right now, I'm curled in my bed with every blanket I own on me and I just wish I could stay here. Ergh. Why can't I spend my next week of school in bed reading blogs and Pinteresting like I've been doing all semester? I know that my college blogger counterparts have been posting all about their finals struggles, and I feel soooo much for them, mine don't start until Friday, and even then, it's not like my dainty little high school finals are anything compared to college ones. Really not looking forward to that next year.

But last year at this time during junior year finals (okay true true those are pretty stressful), someone shared the greatest video with my class and I think it saved me. You can read all the motivational quotes you want and see that picture of the scantron with big words that read 'THIS DOESN'T DEFINE YOU', but this video will make you so happy.

And it's so cold and everything's such a mess. But I've been wearing this dumb coat and I feel so much better. Okay, okay, if you're reading this and go to my school, you're probably like, 'GET OVER THAT DUMB COAT' because I'm pretty sure I talked about it all day yesterday. I just feel like I'm constantly hugging someone or curled up in my bed. Sorry, Mom, for resenting you for making me trying to make me wear one for the past 13 years. You win (as always).
 But I think that if I could eat Qdoba and watch Gossip Girl nonstop, I think I'd be very happy. Those are two things that always guarantee an increase in happiness. (RANDOM BUT what's your favorite out of the three- Qdoba, Moe's, or Chipotle? This is a movement in Lexington. Maybe I'll write more about the struggles of living in different places in Lexington and having a fave Mexican fast food place. But for now, comment or tweet me which one you like more.)

And how is it so close to Christmas?! How is it so close to 2014?? 2014 is the year I GRADUATE, the one I laughed about during freshman year when I saw my new 'Class of 2014' shirt. Everything's changing too quickly and I don't like it!! Seriously so pumped to spend my entire winter break doing nothing but sleeping and watching Netflix. I've gotten too many Netflix suggestions recently for my sweet little brain to count.

So because my finals aren't until the end of this week and next, here's a comfy but classic look for all those that are still halfway trying. Trust me, by next Tuesday, I'll just be one giant ball of t-shirt and leggings.

This is actually what I wore Monday to school and it was perfect. My shirt was from Banana Republic (on clearance because it had a spot on it but my mom removed it- HOLLA) and black pants/jeggings were from Target. I'm actually a huge fan of jeggings because they still give you some sort of structure and are warmer than leggings, but still totally comfy. And then Bean boots, of course, because that's all I've been wearing during this icky weather.

Finals aren't my BFF.

Finals aren't my BFF. by meredithscroggin

What are you thinking about finals (or the lack thereof)? What's your go-to outfit?

And more importantly-- Qdoba, Moe's, or Chipotle?



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  1. Can you believe I've never been to a Qdoba? I don't think there's one within hundreds of miles! But I would say Chipotle > Moe's, no question.

    And my preferred outfit for [grading] finals is leggings, flannel shirt, sweater, and slippers!

    jess | Quaintrelle


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