Monday, December 30, 2013

catchin up

To be honest, I haven't done very much this break. And it's been great. I'm reeeeeeally dreading going back to school on Thursday (pray for me, ugh).

I've been mostly sitting around on Tumblr (follow me!) and Pinterest and actually pretty okay with it. Winter break's so different because it feels like you have two weeks to squeeze in all of your lazy-ing around, as opposed to summer break where it's much longer. Whatever. I like sleeping and being productive.

It's really weird that 2013 is coming to a close... but I'll have a more dramatic post about that later (I'm a blogger, I have to have a dramatic 2013 post). But watch for my cool Flipagram thing tomorrow on Instagram! (Y'all I don't mean to be in your face about social media though, seriously)

Anyway, here's my outfit from yesterday that I was super excited about.

It's a little hard to see and my legs look enormous, but it was the only shot I could get. It was a very late and relaxed look for church and running around yesterday.

Cords: Merona (Target) | Sweater: Old Navy | Vest: Banana Republic | Shoes: American Eagle

{Eating lots as well}

Whatever, y'all, I'm proud of my Christmas cookie decorating and that I haven't eaten all of them yet.

 {More coffee than a person can imagine.}

And okay, this is really weird but one of the funniest things. Last night, my family was out getting dinner and for some reason, my brother and his girlfriend had gotten these costumes, my brother's being the penguin. They were still in the car and so when we stopped to watch the lights/music at the fire station, my sister got the urge to put it on and dance outside. Honestly the funniest thing of my life.

Goodness gracious, I don't even know.

Hope your weekend was great!

Happy Monday,

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