Tuesday, November 12, 2013

tortoise shell everything

Like I said the other day, I really love tortoise shell, which is exactly why I've been lusting over the tortoise flower necklace from J. Crew. I feel like I see it everywhere and have just been dying to have it. So...

(....my teeth don't normally look like this, I swear. I don't know what it is)

I bought one. But of course, I didn't buy it full price (have you noticed that I live for steals?). The day after I looked it up online, I found one of my favorite Instagram accounts, @memoirofapreppymom, selling it (you will loooove her account-- such great outfits!) and freaked. Only $15?! What?? You better believe that I bought it right there, in the middle of class (thank you PayPal. I love you.).

I was ecstatic for it to arrive and wore it as soon as I could.

I realized that I had already had on two other tortoise shell things, so I just went with it (and loved it).

This was actually a pretty comfortable outfit. I've been so excited to wear black tights! For some reason, I'm absolutely in love with them. I think it's the slimming effect/memories of winter...who knows? I love tights. And the skirt? If we're bein' honest... it's a good, cheap skirt from H&M. Stretchy and comfy and cute--all you need in life.

Shirt: Gap | Skirt: H&M | Boots: Etienne Aigner | Necklace: memoirofapreppymom | Watch: Target | Sunglasses: Calvin Klein | Earrings: Vintage 

What do you love tortoise shell?


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