Wednesday, November 20, 2013

save vs. splurge on jewelry

Yesterday when I wore this necklace to school, a couple of my friends said, "Oh, did you order this from eBay??!" I was pretty excited that they were reading my blog, but then I started to realize....... oh, jeez, half of my costume jewelry does come from eBay. But you know, a deal's a deal, and I'll take it.

When the package came in the mail, my mom questioned my online shopping habits addiction. OKAY, MOM, AT LEAST I DON'T HAVE A BAD ADDICTION. Because anything that involves getting pretty necklaces can't be bad, right?

Then, here's the kicker, the actual price versus the J. Crew price*:

 {The J. Crew splurge}


My whopping $5.50 (+$1.99 shipping)

 That, my friends is a saving of $120+.

Look, I know I write about all the things that I love (sorry, I'm sure it gets old), but guys, I LOVE SAVING MONEY.

*I don't want any of this to ever come across as negative towards J. Crew. I love J. Crew with all of my heart and really wish it and my high-school-babysitting bank account could get along. I yearn for the day when I can go in and buy whatever. But for now, it's finding knockoffs and hoping for the day that I have a salary. 

And honestly, once you get ahold of these sorts of shops and stores on both eBay and Etsy, it's pretty simple.

For eBay, there's a thrill in the fact that it's an auction. I could spend hours on stores, just bidding on things when they're only $.99. Of course, eBay does this whole 'marketing' thing and always has more stores that you'd like. So the cycle continues. I ordered this necklace from this store. She has a lot of good stuff and her prices are low. 

Rule of eBay: Before you bid, look at shipping. 
I know it's a silly and obvious thing, but once I bid on something that was only $2 and ended up paying an additional $10 in shipping because I had misread it. Usually, stores will have a consistent shipping rate on all products, so stick with those (especially when it's free shipping). Pay attention to the percentage of positive reviews on the seller, make sure that there's some sort of eBay buyer protection or guarantee, and have fun with it! I can't tell you the number of times that my day has been made simply because I won an auction at the last minute. 

Now, Etsy is a whole different story, the biggest difference being that the prices don't change. This is great if you know exactly what you want and don't want to wait for it (auctions can take a long time before they end). Also, there's a better dialogue between buyers and sellers, so if you want something different and/or customizable, it's simpler to just send a quick message. For example, here is a link to a necklace just like mine on Etsy. It's $28 total, so a little more pricey.

Also, Etsy is great in that it's a great marketing tool for sellers, meaning a better shopping experience for buyers. What do I mean by that? When you list an item, you have to put in search query words that have to do with your product so that people can more easily find your item. 


All that to say, I'm very happy with my necklace. I honestly didn't mean for this post to turn into a lesson on buying cool jewelry off eBay, but here I am. 

During the day, I wore this necklace with just a black top, jeans, and black flats. Then later that night was my brother's soccer banquet, so what better way to dress it up?

Aw, ain't he good lookin'?

I'm pretty excited about this necklace because it's my first piece of blue jewelry, and considering I live in Lexington and bleed blue, it's a tad bit sacrilegious to not have anything blue until now.

The dress is a sweater dress I found in my closet that I vaguely remember buying at Burlington Coat Factory a long time ago and the boots are the same Etienne Aigner ones. But what you probably don't notice are the pantyhose, and rightfully so. 

When I was at LBW, some of my friends talked about how they weren't too crazy of pantyhose, and I kind of just hid my opinion in the corner. 

I think pantyhose are one of man's (or woman's? Who knows?!) greatest inventions.

1.) They keep you warm.
2.) They make your legs look smoother and possibly tanner.
3.) You don't look so trashy with bare legs.
4.) They can pull together an outfit if the hose is of a different color.
5.) You don't have to wear socks or any sort of thing with heels, flats, or boots.

I am all about #2. When it's winter and my legs haven't seen the daylight, they look much better in hose. I love wearing black tights/hose and brown/light black ones. I even think they're comfy..? I don't know. Don't hate me.

I think they're a staple in every girl's closet and that you should have multiple colors for different occasions.
You should also splurge a little on these. Make sure that they're the right size (being tall and buying hose kind of sucks. But I'd go more with the weight rather than height because they fall down so often if they're sized according to your height). I love this brand and this package so much, and they never snag.

Also, they have a control top and make me feel thinner. They're kind of a superpower, I know.

Alright, y'all, I think that this is the end of a lengthy-but-didn't-mean-to-be post. Love you lots- keep buying things for less and wearing hose.


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  1. Love all of this! Especially the pantyhose. They're my secret weapon as well!


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