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It's not often that you have such life-altering events happen literally right before your eyes. It's also not often to have such a horrible car accident happen...and to survive something so brutal.

One of my best friends in the entire world, Victoria Pallos, had a not-so-great Monday night, when she and her mother got into one of the worst wrecks I'd ever personally heard. Luckily, they're here today, and when I was talking to her about it, she just kept telling me about how much it had changed her perspective on life and attitude. So when I asked her if she'd want to share anything about it, she was more than willing.


I'm so happy that my best friend Victoria is here today and is sharing her newly changed perspective.

by Victoria Pallos

On November 4th, 2013, I was in a terrible car wreck. On November 4th, 2013, within seconds, my life was changed.

I could give every detail about the accident, but I feel like that would be straying from the purpose of this post. If you know me and you want to further understand the accident, feel free to ask me. You might have even seen it on the news. Anyways, long story short, my mom, driving, and I, in the passenger seat were in downtown Lexington and a car ran a red light, slamming into the passenger side of our car, causing us to flip a few times and hit a Lextran bus while we were in the air, with our car ending up on its side. Understanding what had just happened, I couldn't believe that my mom and I were both alive and were only suffering from minor injuries. It was an amazing miracle, and not wanting to sound dramatic, it was a miracle with a lasting impact.


2013 had seemed to be anything but my year. It felt as if nothing had gone right at all, and not just for me, but for my family as well. Seeing as though we're already going through a tough time, a car accident seemed like it would be the last thing we needed. But in reality, it was everything I needed.

I've always tended to look at the negative of a situation instead of the positive, as a lot of people tend to do as well, but that was just the norm for me. People actually expected that pessimistic attitude from me all of the time. I was the 'glass half-empty' type of girl. All of that changed in one night; it was as if my personality did a complete 180. 

I woke up the next morning thankful. 

Thankful for a new day, when before I had taken each day for granted. Thankful for everything I had, when before it never seemed like enough. Thankful for my mom waking me up in the morning, when before I would say “get out!!!” Thankful for another day of life- whereas before I had compared my life to the lives of others, wishing mine could be as easy as theirs. What is wrong with today’s society is that this positive thinking is not an everyday thing for everyone. The majority of us do not wake up every morning with that optimistic kind of attitude; instead, we take each day for granted without realizing how easily our lives can slip right through our fingers. Why does it take something terrible to happen in order for us to realize how lucky we are? Why do we have such a tendency to outweigh the good of a situation by focusing on the bad?

And in that situation, I realized the beauty of optimistic people in our world. While I was hanging by a seat belt in our car waiting for the emergency services to arrive, I was blessed by the kindness of a stranger; a woman so graciously held my hand and simply disappeared into the night after medical help had arrived. This unknown woman calmed me down and made me feel as though everything was going to be okay, and she did so without the need of recognition. We really need more people in the world like this, willing to help in a world of hurt. 

I’m glad I have realized this at such a young age of 16, and I feel as if this has been my entire purpose of what seemed like such a crappy year. I've spent basically the past eight months or so just sitting and waiting for something good to come along when all of a sudden it hit me—literally. What seemed like something so terrible turned out to be so good. It truly opened my eyes and gave me an entire new perspective on life. Before when I prayed for happiness every night, I hadn't realized that I had happiness right in front of me. I have a family. I have amazing friends. I have a roof over my head. I have food. I have clothes. I have a life. Although it took a car wreck and almost death to understand what an amazing life I have, I’m glad I finally comprehended it.

I guess my main argument is that each and every one of us really is lucky, and if we could all realize that, then the world would be a much better place. In the oh-so-wise words of Hannah Montana, “life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock.”

Is she not the coolest (and cutest, quoting Hannah Montana and whatnot) thing ever? I'm so happy my Victoria is here and could share!

Victoria & Meredith


  1. This gave me chills! Love love love

    1. When I read it for the first time from Victoria, I got chills as well! Thanks for reading!

  2. Though this post is about a scary accident that happened to you and your mom, it's so heartwarming how you shared your deepest musings about your view of life. Sure, you can always view the glass as half-empty instead of it being half-full. After all, it's just a matter of perspective. It's really great to hear that even though it was because of an accident, you changed your view on things and was grateful of the things you have now, no matter how small. Life is what you make it, you said, so let's make it fun and positive!
    Joellen @ Young\'s Collision


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