Sunday, November 3, 2013

just throwing a lot out there

Sometimes, weeks go by and I think of all the things that have happened and I'm just amazed. I seriously slept in yesterday until 1:30 in the afternoon, and it felt so good. I think that this whole week just caught up to me and I was absolutely exhausted.

Tuesday, my whole family got to go to the Blue-White game!

Wednesday was the 5-Across event for Awesome Inc. Pretty cool to get to see so many entrepreneurs in Lexington pitch!

Thursday was Halloween (duh). The number of throwback photos I saw of my friends in costumes when they were little was ridiculous, but also ridiculously cute.

Thanks to Ms. Carla Brown (one of my second mommas) for this precious photo. These are my two other families! (Top: brother Brandon, me, sister Shelby, Riley Fitzpatrick; Bottom: Clayton Brown, {best friend} Kirby Fitzpatrick, Sheldon Brown}

Halloween was really weird because they postponed trick-or-treating in Lexington until Friday due to this huge storm. Also, I had so much going on that day and the next that the holiday kind of slipped my mind. But of course, I did bake for the day, so recipe to come soon!

Friday was Monogram Meredith's birthday (yeah, I know, big sappy post). I also hit 4,000 Pinterest followers...what the heck, guys. I will assert Pinterest hipster-ness (an oxymoron) and claim that I did have a Pinterest when you still had to be invited to have an account, but how do I have this many followers? All I pin are random recipes and the same picture of the J. Crew herringbone vest over and over.

Friday, I submitted two really big college applications. (Help, I'm old) Okay, applying to college is hard. Once my whole process is over, I may write about what to remember when applying senior year.

Friday was also the first day that a radio station in Lexington started playing Christmas music (!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I'm one of those annoying people that'll start listening to it right away. IT'S NOVEMBER, guys! One of my favorite months because it's my (real) birthday month, it's Thanksgiving, and the hype for Christmas starts to get real.

And my last thing on Friday was a Halloween party! I went as the ever-classy Ms. Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's. I bought nothing for this costume (frugal as always) but loved it. 


Okay, yes, I had too much fun taking pictures (sorry not sorry).

I think the most fun part of this costume was the makeup. Girls like me get a little too excited when you get to wear that much eyeliner.

This dress was one that I already had and had worn for a Gatsby party once. But I honestly love it as just a normal dress. It's one that I've had forever from Burlington's Coat factory (in like, 7th grade or something).

 I apologize for the awkward length and the awkward blinking. It's the only normal photo I have and it was totally candid!

Another fun thing was all of the accessories.

Betsy Johnson sunglasses (gift), long strand of pearls from Forever 21 (only $3, HOLLA), and this random hair band we've had forever that functioned perfectly as a tiara. 

I only wish I'd had a better cigarette and long black gloves. 

It was a perfectly classy and easy costume. And I got to wear my messy hair up in a bun, and no one knew it was messy!

(Sorry for all the selfies on this post. Sometimes you just get a little selfie-cray-cray. Audrey Hepburn was probably too classy for selfies, but whatever.)

I also have lots of links to share-- please check them out!

My dear friend, Emily Chavez, is in Haiti. She is one of my favorite people on this planet and she's sharing God's love over there and I couldn't be more proud! All of those necklaces that she sold (and I wrote about) are helping her be a disciple of Christ. Keep her in your prayers as she's on this adventure. 

Do you know Sydney Toth? You probably do (or you should) because she's pretty freaking awesome. We went to elementary school together but we always see each other because of mutual friends and basically just because I think she's the coolest. 

Anyway, she's a total foodie. And she has a blog about food, so you should love her right then and there for it. But the other day, she wrote about her being a food snob. I LOVED IT. I'll admit that I can be one that gives in to eating boring sometimes, but her thoughts on loving food as an art were spot-on. I truly believe that creating and eating food is something precious to us and that throwing whatever we want into our body kind of destroys that. I know that I bake things that aren't super healthy, but I totally have fun with it because it's a creative process. So please read her blog post about it, you will love it.

5Spot Shirts is a t-shirt company in Lexington that for every $5 they make, they donate it to a random act of kindness. Watch, share, and support for kindness in our community.

And the other day, I got hooked on watching feminist slam poetry on YouTube because this video popped up on my news feed (this normally isn't a pastime of mine). I'm not stirring up any sort of political saying, but this video is incredible.


And...I think that's about it. Today, I'm headed to Winston-Salem, and oh, how I love the state of North Carolina. 

Hoping for a great week ahead!

How was your week?



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