Friday, November 1, 2013

it's been a year.

One year ago today, a new persona emerged, named Monogram Meredith. One year ago today, I didn't know what the difference was between a blog and a website. One year ago, I had never taken tons of pictures just to get the right one, I had never taken photos of every meal, I had never fixed the details of a particular shade of pink, I had never written a line of code, I had never shared my link anywhere. I had never shared my innermost thoughts, I had never felt so valued as a unique individual, I had never been told that I had a knack for writing. One year ago, I had never been called Monogram Meredith.

known as "the girl who bakes lots of food"
When I started a blog, it didn't even start as a blog. It started as a sweet little Weebly site where I had created it just to promote my shirts. And then I started to realize that people cared about the things I was baking and crafting, so I turned to the blog function that Weebly offers. Through a couple of posts and a couple of months, I figured that in order to promote a blog, Weebly wasn't doing exactly what I needed it to do. So I turned to Blogger and fell in love. All that's to say is that when I figured out that I could actually do something with a blog and make it into something, I wanted to go big with it. My biggest rule is that you either go big or go home, and by golly, I wasn't going home.

Post by post, I shared my recipes that I had played with before. And then I started sharing more personal writing posts, fashion posts, and eventually, it turned into something that I had never imagined before. Honestly, I don't know how I've gotten to where I am today. I really think that it became as a result of putting work into something I really enjoyed.

I'll attest to this day that if something disappointing, my not making the volleyball team, hadn't happened, NONE of this would be here today. It all goes back to the idea of God opening another door when He has to close one. 

And to be honest, I'm tearing up a little writing this. This blog means so much to my life. It's not just sharing some recipes here and there and letting the world know a little too much into the details of my's become the most cathartic way of expressing myself. 

I used to be worried about sharing too much of myself. People don't want to read all that, I had thought. And true, I'm putting a lot out there. But I didn't start this blog for other people, I started it for myself. I began to organize my thoughts into intricate blog posts, playing out what kind of post would be on what day, and it started to become an exciting thing to know that if I had something to say, I could write about it.

Being worried about sharing too much included some of the more personal things about myself or the days where I wasn't doing too hot. Maybe you guys can't see any of it, but going back through my posts and remembering what I was thinking when I wrote it is the most nostalgic thing. And that's what's great about it- it's a diary protected by the limit of my backspace button, a diary that all are open to read, but a diary that still makes me remember the things I've gone through. For example, I don't think that in the past I would have ever shared my faith on a blog post like this. But ya know, that's who I am, and I want to own it all with every bit that I am, and every bit that I write. 

I'll be honest. I'm an insecure person and am constantly worried about what people think of me. (I mean, aren't we all?) I've always been worried to the point that I used to change the things I believed, wore, or said, simply because I didn't want to be viewed in a certain manner. But the blogging community, and the community that follows my blog, has always been open to ideas. Blogs are written for the sole purpose of sharing who you are, so this has been the perfect outlet for me. I've realized that people can think what they think about me. So what if you think I'm an annoying girl who loves monograms and God and cookies a little too much? That's who I am. And I've loved being able to share those thoughts before (not putting an Instagram filter on life). Who would have thought that people would appreciate and love me for being who I am?

That insecurity has also been attributed to a need for control. I had problems with needing control during my freshman year of high school and it led to poor eating habits that took a long time to get over. Needing to be in control of my life and my words has always been an issue, but look at that. This blog has been a solution. I can write whatever I want, for as long as I want, whenever I want, and it's all under my control. Never have I made large blog decisions based on other people, and I'm very proud of that.

Never would I be where I am today without this blog or this business. Yes, making money is all fine and dandy, but look, I would have never improved my writing skills (thankful for that during all of these college essays now) and realized that I was blessed with something like this. I believe that we all have spiritual gifts and that mine happens to be writing. I would have never learned that I loved business and had the summer of my life, or been able to change the way I see life. I truly mean it, completely and absolutely, when I say that Monogram Meredith has changed my life. Heck, the other day, someone yelled "Hey Monogram, wait up!" from the parking lot. Yes, they were referring to me, which was really weird, but also enlightening to know that a silly blog that I started has given me a whole new persona. 

And as I'm entering this new phase in my life, a mix between high school and college, childhood and adulthood, I think about how I see Monogram Meredith's future. Big stuff is happening and I'm excited for new things to come up! It's my hope that I can maintain this blog throughout college and maintain writing throughout my whole life. 


Look, I know this post is really sappy, but one year? That's crazy. You can't go through a whole year of working hard on something and not recognize how much it's changed you.

But let my last word be that I thank you guys. I say that I write my blog for my own sanity, but it doesn't hurt when I know that I have people reading and giving me kind words and constructive feedback. Hearing from people that know me as Monogram Meredith is the best thing in the world and I treasure every word that I've gotten about my blog, business, and overall brand. Thank you to everyone who's helped me along the way; I'm excited to see where all of this goes!

Happy one year, Monogram Meredith.

I love all of y'all so much,

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