Monday, November 18, 2013

it was a good week.

This week was a good week. It was my birthday, my brother's birthday, and a handful of other things going on.

Late, but the Dunbar boy's soccer team won the state championship! My brother plays, and it was the most exciting game ever.

I'm on an indoor soccer team (WHAT WHAT).

It snowed for the first time this year!

A friend made me puppy chow and I devoured it.

I walked out to my car after school to find this...

(Every single window. Every single one.)

Awesome Inc celebrated my birthday with me.

I ate some great Italian food and birthday dessert.

I bought lottery tickets (because I can).

And celebrated with (only two of) my siblings.

My (other) brother, Sloan, turned 11.

I applied to more colleges.

I cleaned my room (...longer process than you might think).

It rained and got real windy, so what do you do when the rain calls for a new wardrobe? Match unintentionally with your best friend, clad with Bean boots/Sperry rain shoes, monogrammed Marley Lilly rain jackets, and Longchamps.

And I blogged a lot... and got excited when my day was relevant to something I blogged about that day (see yesterday's post).

Missed a day? Catch up!

Sounds like a riveting week, right?


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