Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Lilly Pulitzer!

I, like many, love Lilly Pulitzer with all my heart. The whole brand and story is about being happy and in style, so it really just makes me very happy.

"The Lilly girl is always full of surprises. She lives everyday like it's a celebration. Never has a dull moment, and makes every hour a happy hour."

And even though everyday is a celebration, today is an extra special celebration, because it's Lilly Pulitzer's birthday! I think on this day, we not only celebrate the love of life, but appreciate it, as it's the first year without Ms. Lilly present with us. 

Happy Birthday, Lilly Pulitzer!


PS- Did you notice the makeover Monogram Meredith got this weekend? I decided it was due for some changes, and I really like it! What do y'all think?


  1. I think it looks great, but then again pink and pearls are pretty much my two favorite things, lol. I can't wait until winter vacation and I go down to FL to visit friends/family and have an excuse to buy Lilly again (although there are some great wintery dresses I'd like!).

    jess | Quaintrelle

    1. Thanks, girl! I hope your Florida shopping goes well...I'm really stuck in this spot of not having any cute winter dresses and sadly tucking away all my spring/summer Lilly ones. Lilly just makes everyone more happy!

  2. Love the new look! Absolutely perfect ��


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