Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hair Essentials

Every time you open a fashion/beauty magazine, it has countless guides to what you should buy for oily hair, dry hair, damaged hair, etc, and if we're being honest, I CAN'T TAKE IT.

I don't know what my hair is like!! My hair is oily sometimes and sometimes it's dry, and heaven knows that my hair is always damaged. The guides change every other month, and they're full of products that my mother would laugh at if she saw the expensive prices. 

Now, no offense to these magazines, because I'd kill to be able to afford these products and I'd also kill to know what 'type' of hair I have, but they've never been my favorite.

So. What is this post? It's about my personal favorite hair essentials, for all girls out there that feel the same way about these crazy products (please don't tell me that I'm the only one). My sister, Shelby, and I have completely different hair, with hers being curly and bouncy, and mine being more blah, just boring natural waves that doesn't look like the cute waves you see everywhere. 

Isn't hers absolutely beautiful?! Completely natural curls. 

We use the same hair products, regardless of the fact that we have completely different hair types. So, here are Monogram Meredith's Hair Essentials, backed up by two girls who really don't know what kind of hair they have.

Shampoo- Here's where we may all disagree. I really believe that you should use whatever shampoo you choose or whatever shampoo you need. I have some issues with my hair and have to use a shampoo that smells absolutely horrible, but I need it. I used to resent using it, feeling so un-girl-like to have to use such a disgusting shampoo, but when you can use a nice smelling conditioner and other products, it's really okay. I'd much rather have a healthy scalp than feel pressured to use a fancy shampoo. And my sister? She just uses the cheap stuff we keep in our shower. No shame in that. It's just shampoo.

Conditioner- Now, I like me some nice smelling conditioner that will make my hair soft. But then again, I don't use anything expensive because all of my other products will make it even softer. Right now, I'm using a Pantene conditioner that I love.

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-in conditioner cream- If you take away anything from this post, take away this. I will live and swear by this stuff. It makes my hair so soft and shiny and completely defrizzes any sort of mess I have going on. I prefer to use it when my hair is still wet and then blow-dry it, but putting it on in that half-wet-half-dry stage still rocks, too. Shelby, with hair that tends to be frizzier, uses it when it's wet and it makes her hair incredibly soft.

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine 5-in-1 Serum Spray- Hair serum is the second part to absolutely shiny hair. I don't need to use it a lot, but it's perfect if I forgot to put in the leave-in conditioner, when my hair still isn't smooth after I curl it, or if I only blow-dry it and don't straighten it. It depends on whether or not I spray it directly into my hair or into my hands, then on the ends, just as sure as you don't get it too close to your roots.

I included this product because I love serum, but I have always struggled with how to make it not look greasy and even if I thought I used it just right, it still looked messed up. This stuff is great because it's a spray and the chances of it looking greasy are much lower. 

Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight Spray- Of course, this is Coupon Queen territory. My mom bought about 25 of these bottles when they were reeeeeally cheap at Target one day. I think I could get married and still not be out of these bottles. Thank goodness that I really love the stuff!

You've read time and time again that you have to use heat protectant spray, so this spray satisfies that need. I use it right before I straighten or curl my hair, and it not only protects it, but it makes it shiny and smells amazing.

Dove Dry Shampoo- Alright, drop what you're doing and trust me. I heard of dry shampoo for the first time when Heidi Montag had a meltdown about in on some Survivor-like reality show... I didn't think that it was that great. But trust me, IT'S THAT GREAT. If someone had stolen my dry shampoo, I would probably act like this, too.

I was never a dry shampoo lover until I bought it for LBW this summer. I can't explain to you how many mornings I woke up without any time to wash my hair and used this stuff like crazy. Yeah, maybe this is embarrassing (I do wash my hair a lot, I swear!), but my roommate started to notice how much I used it (whooooops). It's okay. I love it. It saves lives.

And you don't need it for days where you don't have time to wash your hair, you can use it simply to give your hair more volume or if it's gotten a little greasy during the day. So, please, just go out and try it. It's incredible.

Hairspray- "I'm Southern. I like big hair and eyeliner," says Carrie Underwood, and all girls nod in rejoice and agreement. I love big hair, and hairspray is always my favorite. I use it to not only make my hair keep its style, but to make it bigger. Of course, I love whatever's cheapest and easiest, so right now, I'm using some Tresemme hairspray. Mom's using Herbal Essences, but it's pretty much all the same. Too often, if I straighten my hair, after a couple of hours, it's really shiny and doesn't keep hold, but if I use my hairspray, it doesn't get like that.

Hairspray tip that I thought a lot of girls knew but apparently not: before you spray it like normal, flip your head over and spray all over it. When you flip your head back up, your hair is huge and beautiful. These are the things I live for.

A couple of other products that I'm not putting on my 'essentials' list but still love--

Organix Coconut Milk Split Ends Mender- I am a SUCKER for anything that says it'll mend split ends. I bought this at first for that exact purpose, but use it a lot because the coconut milk smells ah-mazing. Who knows if it actually helps split ends? I just like the coconut smell. The only thing about this is that it's a little more on the pricey side, but if you're feeling it some day, go for it.

Mousse (esp. Herbal Essences)- This is more on my mom's and sister's favorite list. I like mousse, but I use so many other products that I feel like it would make my hair gross. My sister loves it because her hair is so curly and this holds her curls. Also, she doesn't do anything heat-related to it (there's a special spot in heaven for her), so she doesn't have as many products as me. 
For any girls with big hair and curls, this stuff is the way to go.

Well, I am no hair expert or whatever, but I'm just sharing my favorite products. Shopping for hair stuff is both intimidating and exciting-- I could spend the whole day trying out different things to see what's the best. But these are the things that I have found are the best for different hair types!

Try 'em out and let me know how it goes!

big hair lover for life,


  1. That's my fav hair spray too! Love TRESemme

  2. I live by dry shampoo! I use a different brand, but any of it is a miracle worker! Love you blog - I'm a new follower!

  3. I love dry shampoo! I really don't use it often, but my boyfriend has a cabin and I love taking it there (since they obviously don't have a shower). Love this post.



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