Monday, November 11, 2013

cool things

Being at LBW, I was surrounded by the most amazing people in the world. They've started their own businesses, charities, and organizations, and I was amazed every time I spoke to someone about their 'thing'. I always see them sharing their pages on Facebook, but I figured that sometimes those shares are only going to their friends, I'd blog about it ("just blogging about it" is practically my solution to everything)!

So, to help pretty dang cool high school students do some pretty cool things--

This was started by my great friend, Lucia, in order to help impoverished kids get bikes in New York. She's the sweetest and is just trying to fix up and distribute bikes!

My friend, Jason, is the founder and CEO of Iretron, a company that fixes and sells old devices in order to fix the e-waste crisis. I'm actually about to take use of his company...I get more money for trading my phone into IReTron than I do for trading it into my carrier. Jason's a super sweet, hardworking guy that just wants the best for his company. Please vote for them to win this grant! 
Also, he's going to be on Shark Tank (date TBA)!

Emily Zhen is one sweet girl that I met at LBW and has created her own startup, a company dedicated to improving the efficiency of parking tickets. Good idea, eh? Anyway, the more likes the page gets, the more publicity it'll gain! ...So go ahead and like it!

And while you're at all of this liking, don't forget to 

These people are phenomenal, so show 'em a little love and like and vote, please!


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