Thursday, November 28, 2013

chances to change


You're probably reading this post in a state of being too full but wanting more food...or listening to family talk about the wildest things....or you're gearing up to go Black Friday shopping.

Who know?! Whatever you're doing, I hope you're absolutely loving it. 

I hope that whatever you're doing today, tomorrow, the next day, the next day, and on and on, you're absolutely in love with it. Because I am.

Today, and every day of my life, I am thankful for the many opportunities I have in my life. I am not necessarily grateful for the things that I have, I am grateful for having the opportunity to better my relationships, better my health, better myself as a person, and having the opportunity to do whatever I want. 

Call me cheesy and make fun of me for keeping a journal, but last night I found my journal from this exact time last year. Last year, I was worried about who I was and what I was going to do with my life. I was so worried about things, where instead I hadn't yet opened the door of opportunity that I'm in now. Every day is a new opportunity to take charge of your life and do something different with it. 

And today, I express the most gratitude possible. I remember a man once speaking to my volleyball team about gratitude, and how if that's all you have in life, then there's nothing else you need. Gratitude caters the needs of people and makes people smile. Gratitude is how we live each day and how we love who we are.

Today, I am thankful for GRATITUDE ITSELF and I am thankful for the many OPPORTUNITIES. 

happy thanksgiving,

PS: today's my grandmother's birthday, and I'm totally thankful for her, too! happy birthday, dee!

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