Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blogs I'm Reading

I'm nosy in that I love finding out what other blogs people are reading, simply because it's a great way to find more blogs to love! (And also because I'm just nosy.)

So, on the subject, I'm going to share some of the blogs I read on a regular basis (in no particular order)! I know this thrill is exciting...what does Monogram Meredith read??

A Preppy State of Mind- such a cute girl with cute fashion!

Baubles & Bubbly- previously Basically Bre, I feel like I know Bre! She has such amazing fashion and always has funny stories-- following her on Twitter and Instagram is the greatest.

Life with Emily- one of the first blogs I started following, Emily is the ultimate fashion girl. And she and Bre are such good friends that it's so adorable.

College Prepster- Look, if you haven't ever heard of or read The College Prepster, I'm feelin' bad for you. She's everyone's favorite person alive, and you either want her life or her style. Or all of it.

Sally's Baking Addiction- My favorite baking blog to ever exist. Half of the recipes I blog are hers; she inspired me to start baking and blogging. But I'll save my gush for Sally for another day, most likely when I get her cookbook!

Mason Like the Jar- A North Carolina blogger that never fails to make me smile. She's soooo cute! And she runs The Blog Baton on Instagram (guys, mark your calendars for December 2nd, I'll be hosting!!).

Beautiful Things- I found this blog and Meagan because of Mason! She's so sweet and her posts are always great!

Prep in Your Step- I looove college bloggers because a) it's inspiring to think that I can do it next year and b) everything is more realistic. Dorothy goes to Furman (one of the prettiest schools ever) and always has such fun posts!

Devon Alana Design- Oh my goodness gracious, her blog is adorable! She has an Etsy shop where she sells the cutest bows and monogrammed products and incorporates them into her style posts. Also, she has a lot of DIY posts for clothes and other crafts, so I feel right at home.

Quaintrelle- She's the niftiest girl with a great sense of New England style!

A Mess in the Madhouse- Awh, this blog is written by a dear childhood friend who's an English major and full of Christ's love. Her posts put me on the verge of tears (of laughter or heartfelt emotion) every time.

Bell Bliss- A graduate of the high school I attend, she's living in Japan and shares the coolest stuff!

Stay Fabulous- Miss Melissa Bergey is such a sweetheart and we're Twitter friends... you'll love her blog!

Classy Girls Wear Pearls- Because who doesn't want to be Sarah Vickers?

And then three personal friends' blogs- sydney and the sweetLife As We Know ItEmily & Her Keyboard. They're the coolest.

Also... except for the few that I wrote that are my friends, the others don't know who I am, I'm just obsessed with their blogs. Haha. But really.

And to all who are just dying to read more, sign up for and use Bloglovin'! I know there are a lot of personal friends out there who have to see the links to realize that I have a new post, but I swear, once you sign up for Bloglovin' and can find and follow as many blogs as you want, you'll fall in love. You can even get an app for it, get email updates of the blogs you follow, and have read and unread posts. It's fab.
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Every time I get a new follower on Bloglovin', my heart soars. I love you all.

But now I want to know--
What blogs are your favorites? What blog do you own that I should check out?
I'm always looking for new ones! Let me know in the comments!



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