Monday, November 25, 2013

a totally blog-worthy weekend

You know you're a blogger when...

your friends scream, "Can this go on your blog?!"

you realize that you're taking your camera in the car simply because you're driving down a street with pretty leaves

you try to remember exactly what type of food you served and how much you made of it so you can blog the recipe

And yup, all of these things happened this weekend, most definitely the first one. I can't tell you how blog-worthy of a weekend this was.

I'm currently crawled up on my bed (with the heating blanket on full blast), not wanting to believe that it's 27 degrees outside. I am in this state of exhaustion, but of happy exhaustion... you know what I mean? Too often I'm tired from doing not-so-fun things, but I'm tired because of all the good in my life, for which I couldn't be any more grateful. The number of times I said "I love you guys" this weekend...

Friday was my friend Evan's birthday. He left Thursday for a school trip, but in the moment of loving M&Ms and cookie cutters...

Who says that your birthday celebrations can't go on for two weeks? 

Friday night, I had family over to celebrate mine and my brother's birthdays, which was a blast. Good food and good vibes is the sweetest combination.

Now, here's something that y'all probably saw me freaking out over Twitter and Instagram...

Shirt: Gap | Sweater: Land's End | Skirt: J. Crew | Bag: Kate Spade

Yes ma'am and yes sir, that is ever-beautiful, preppy, and adorable YouTube sensation, Sarah Belle! Seriously, if you haven't watched her videos or seen her on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or even heard your friends talking about her, have you been living under a rock? (JK JK JK it's alright, but dang, you've been missing out.)

She's a fashion vlogger from, guess where-- Kentucky! (We're all #KentuckyProud.) She's a KD at NKU, not a long trip from Lexington. She was at the Keeneland gift shop doing some shopping, so some friends and I stopped by, doing some shopping as well. (Freak out moment for a sec- the Keeneland gift shop is the cutest store ever. So many great brands and Keeneland attire that's special to Kentucky and Lexington. If y'all live anywhere near, you have to check it out!)

I fangirled a little too hard, but Sarah was literally one of the sweetest people I had ever met. She talked to us for a while and took photos...such a sweetheart!! I was so excited to have met her!

We freaked out a little too much, so of course my best friend, Kirby, took the best selfie, capturing the essence of the moment.

I was so excited to meet her with Kirby, Mallory, and Tarren! Because when you bond once at a UK game, you can handle each other when you're on the verge of tears...

So Saturday was already setting up to be a FAB day. That night, I had some friends over (continuing birthday fun) and had a blast. One of those nights where I just kept thinking, I am so lucky. 


{literally} raising the roof.

And, OH, THE FOOD. Look, my mom and I were joking about this, because I think I get this from her. I get anxious about social situations sometimes like this, but I've found that FOOD is the best way to bring people together. (Hey, my friend Sophia thinks the same...collab coming soon. Can't wait to share that!) So, my mom made a lot of food. We took some hints from the cookout I had had over the summer, but for the most part, we just served what we thought was good food. I take pride in hearing people say, "I have such a food baby. I can't eat one more bite." 

If it were up to me, I'd probably serve just all desserts and cheesy food. Or pasta. 

A little pressed for time, these aren't things that took but a few hours to make all of it. But, we had....

Guacamole (love it homemade, but Wholly Guacamole is the BEST.)
Celery/Carrots with Tostito's Spinach Dip
Garlic Breadsticks, cut into 2 inch pieces...and when we ran out of those, Texas Toast
Brownies w/ Chocolate Chip cookies baked in between the layers (!!!)

The most random, but easiest and most popular thing were the quesadillas. I had put them on the list because, heck, I love quesadillas and they're so easy to make. Every time I looked up, though, my mom was cranking out more and more because they were going so fast! Who knew that quesadillas were taking over the teenage population?! My mom even taught one of my friends how to make them (so this is for you, Ryan).

And then, there was cake, of course! I seriously have the coolest and most skilled mother to make me a monogrammed cake!

I think that my friends left with a couple more pounds than they'd like, but I'm happy to fatten them up at any time.

Also, this is a random thing to share, but one that I feel is important. My biggest struggle in life is MUSIC. I don't listen to music that people like, or I do listen to music that people like, which is apparently bad, so really, I can't win. I don't know what to like or what not to like, so I just stick with country, because I do like it a lot, and random Pandora stations like James Taylor and Red Hot Chili Peppers. I had tried to figure out a good Pandora station to put on, but couldn't find one, so I put it on shuffle and hoped that my friends would change it. Now, looking at my new stations...

Outkast, Outa The Blue, 2000s Hip Hop, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (??), Kendrick Lamar

If anyone ever needs ideas, here they are. Because I would've never thought of them on my own.

(Also, does anyone have any other Pandora station suggestions?? I can listen to it in my car now and my sister and I have been jamming out to Holy Grail radio every morning because she told me to. I'm up for anything.)

Right now, I'm in this state of happiness, because some of the things that I had been stressing about earlier are over/being fixed/aren't stressing me out anymore. And how can you be stressed during such a time of thanks? I have some new things planned to share-- holiday outfits, recipes, new outfits, DIY gifts, and more. I am so grateful for this two day week, because then it's Thanksgiving!

How was everyone else's weekends? I loooove hearing in the comments!

with much love,

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