Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FREE FOOD- Wednesday only!

Alright, I have a somewhat big announcement--

If you refer someone to Monogram Meredith and they order a shirt, YOU will get a free batch of desserts and be featured on my blog!

Yessir and yes ma'am, free desserts from yours truly. Here's what you need to do:

1. Go tell all of your friends, family, Twitter followers, Instagram followers, WHOEVER, to check out my blog and Etsy shop! If they order a shirt, tell them to include your first and last name in the e-mail or buyer's note.

Want to Tweet about it? Copy and paste this:

Everyone go check out @mlscroggin's blog to order a cool monogrammed t-shirt and help me get free desserts! Look in her bio for the link!

2. I will contact you to let you know that someone has found my shop through you so that I can get you some free goodies (that may or may not have been on my blog before- Oreo Cookies, anyone?).

3. You will not only get free desserts delivered to you, but when I write up a post about this whole experience, I'll include your name and a shoutout to your social media usernames. I mean, don't we all want more Twitter/Instagram followers? 

4. If you personally want to order a shirt, feel free to do so and get your own desserts! The more the merrier, right?

This is an experiment, but a FUN one at that! So, 1-2-3, GO, because this is Wednesday only!


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