Monday, October 28, 2013

fall days

This weekend was such a fun time, despite taking the ACT on Saturday. But it's ooooooover and I've never been so relieved to never have to think about it again! After that, it was a busy day, starting with the last day of the Keeneland fall meet!

This was the most last-minute outfit. It being the last day of the fall season, I knew it was going to be freezing, so I finally pulled out the tights and was so grateful for them. There were seriously so many girls there that looked like their legs were so cold. Then with a sweater, scarf, and boots, I wasn't cold at all (trying to get ready for the even worse winter).

And you have to get a pic with everyone, right?!

After Keeneland, we all went to my church, where we were going for a hayride and bonfire at Donamire farms. They go to our church and their farm is just so stinkin' pretty. 

(photo by Sara Khandani)

(photo from Kirby Fitzpatrick)

I felt like we should be in a Kiel James Patrick or Sarah Vickers Instagram many Bean Boots.

And then a few other photos from my lovely, artsy friends from whom I solicited help.

(photos by Angela Maske)

The Thriller parade was happening in downtown Lexington after that, so we went there and had more fun watching people than anything else. People dressed up as zombies infiltrate the streets, and then there are several Michael Jascksons that have a whole 'cast' of zombies that do the Thriller dance with them.

(photo from Hallie Walther)

Same Hallie from Jelly Beans!

It was sad thinking that this is the last year I'll be able to watch the Thriller parade in Lexington. I had this fleeting thought of 'Oh, I'll be in it next year!' followed by a sad sense of disappointment. 

Saturday was a day crammed of fun things and great friends and lots of appreciation of the life I live.


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