Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big Blue Madness

Friday night, I got to go to Big Blue Madness, the first UK basketball practice of the season. I'd never been before, but goodness gracious was it incredible. Again, it was one of those things where I appreciate living in Lexington. Who has this big of a production ($400,00 worth) just for the first practice of the year? Everyone was there donning their UK blue and just loving the Cats. It was also tons of fun because there's no way anyone can lose...everyone's there for the same team, and the energy was great.

Sometimes I forget just how BIG Rupp Arena is; we were so incredibly high up.

It was a sold-out event, and I'd say that every single person that bought a ticket was there, squished in.

They used this app called Wham City Lights, where everyone had downloaded it and when they said to turn it on, everyone did and the app 'listened' to the stage, producing a buzzing light, which was pretty cool.

Coach Cal is the greatest. He could quit coaching and just be a motivational speaker if he wanted...but we love him a little too much for that. 

Still can't get over how many lights and lasers there were.

I was so excited that my dad had gotten four tickets so that the four of kids could go-- it was a blast and I couldn't be more excited for this basketball season!

"We don't play college basketball, we ARE college basketball." -Coach Cal

go cats,

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