Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bean Boots & Love

A couple days ago, one of my favorite bloggers, College Prepster, posted about her first big purchase. I loved the post because I was raised with the complete mindset that if you want something, you work hard for it. I will never be able to express my gratitude for my parents making me pay for almost everything that I didn't 'need'. So many people my age grew up with a sense of entitlement, but my parents always wanted to make sure that I worked for my money and the fun things that I got. Even silly little toys from the Dollar Tree were exciting to buy because I had earned chore money to get them.

But now that I'm at the point of not begging for things I 'need', I can pay for things myself and feel rewarded in that way. So, I have been lusting over a pair of Bean Boots for about two years. Before everyone I knew had a pair, I had been pinning them like crazy, maybe in the hope that they'd just 'magically' appear, but mostly hoping that someday, I could own a pair myself. If you go through my shoes or fashion board on Pinterest, half of the photos are of Bean Boots (note: the other half are of Jack Rogers, which coincidentally was my previous 'big purchase').

Saving photos to my phone and drooling over the LL Bean website, they've been on my radar for a while. But I couldn't bring my high-schooler-budget to pay for the pricey shoes. After hours of babysitting and a few monogrammed shirts, I finally bought them. 

I tracked them for days and watched them go through Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Ohio, and finally, Kentucky. They arrived at my doorstep on a not-so-great day and I rejoiced.

So, yes, I've been very excited to wear them because I've wanted them for so long, but also because whenever they're on my feet, I'm happy to know that hard work paid off in a more tangent manner. 

It was a cold, rainy day, full of warm sweaters, jeans tucked into Bean Boots, and a monogrammed rain jacket.

sweater: Forever 21 | jeans: Else | jacket: Charles River | boots: LL Bean | 
monogrammed necklace: gift

I know that people make purchases everyday and that it's a normal thing. But to me, this was pretty exciting!

What's something you worked hard for and it paid off?

What are your favorite things to wear with Bean Boots?


PS: Why/how does my computer makes GIFs like this with random photos?!

Oh well....

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