Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New shirts!

I'd like to say that Monogram Meredith is all about new ideas. I mean, it's something in my life that really emulates what I'd like the rest of my life to be like, so that's why I try to encapsulate these new ideas, passions, and innovations on my blog and through my business.

That's just a little blurb about trying to come out with new things to sell via Monogram Meredith. These are for two of my closest friends, Adam and Victoria.

Adam's is a navy blue t-shirt with a red/white striped frocket and his initials in blue. 

Victoria's is a hot pink t-shirt with a navy circle, an adorable whale, and her initials in white. 

And this is the shirt I made for myself...sorry about the odd lighting! 

What do you think? I'm super excited to be able to 
a) do curly letters
b) make pockets
c) put whales and other items on it!

Of course, what I'm most excited about is my new Etsy shop. Yup, lots of people have been telling me to do it for a long time, so I finally did! I only have one listing so far, but trust me, there'll be more!

(or Monogram Meredith :) )


  1. Loves these! I am obsessed with anything monogrammed! You should do monogrammed knee socks!

    1. Thank you!! And oh my goodness, that's a great thought, thanks!!


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